Every year, fans of EA Sports’ soccer games anticipate the launch of the Ultimate Team Web App to open their “Welcome Back” packs, and with EA FC 24, this anticipation remains.

These packs offer a way for players to start building up a coin balance, trading, and creating starter squads for the upcoming game.

However, in EA FC 24, players may be disappointed as they notice they have no packs available in the store. Let’s dive in and discuss why you have none of these packs.

Why Did I Get No Welcome Back Packs in EA FC 24?

The “Welcome Back” packs have been removed from EA FC 24, with players receiving “Founder” rewards instead. However, it appears these rewards will only be granted when you log in on the full game and not the Web App.

This means no loyalty packs exist for this year’s edition of Ultimate Team. Players who log in will receive the following as part of the “Founder” rewards:

  • 3 FC Founder Badges
  • FC Founder Home & Away Kits
  • 3 FC Founder Tifos
  • 2 FC Founder XL Tifos

Unfortunately, getting coins on the Web App will be harder in EA FC 24 than in EA Sports’ previous games.

With no packs containing players and consumables, gamers will have a limited budget to work with.

Understandably, this decision by the developers has not gone down well with the community. One EA FC 24 player questions what they will even get to do on the Web App now.

Another user echoes this sentiment, asking what the point of the Web App will be at the start of the game.

It appears that this is a common feeling amongst the FC 24 community.

While removing these “Welcome Back” loyalty packs is sure to be a big blow, it does not mean you will have zero ways to make coins.

Check out our guide on making coins on the EA FC 24 Web App so you can start working towards your Ultimate Team.

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