Position Modifiers have long been part of the EA Sports soccer franchise, but now in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team they are no longer going to be around.

This consumable was needed to switch the position of players, allowing them to play somewhere else on the pitch. Additionally, having a player in the correct spot would boost your squad’s chemistry.

However, with Position Modifiers now removed from the game, let’s discuss what this will mean for FC 24 Ultimate Team.

No Position Modifiers in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Due to the absence of Position Modifiers in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, players will have the freedom to switch between any of their item’s alternative positions whenever they choose.

However, they will possess a limitation in terms of positional changes. They will only be able to transition to one of the predetermined “alternate positions” rather than switching to any position of their preference.

For example, consider Kylian Mbappé, who can fulfill the roles of ST, LW, or CF and will automatically convert to those positions when placed. However, he will not switch to RW or CAM if put in those positions.

EA FC 24 Squad with Position Changes
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Furthermore, the absence of Position Modifiers in EA FC 24 will have significant implications for FUT Draft, potentially allowing players to make position switches more freely within this mode.

In FIFA 23, there were complaints from FUT players regarding the inability to alter a player’s position. This issue was particularly evident when selecting players from the pool.

As an example, certain RWs wouldn’t achieve chemistry when placed at RM, even if they possessed the alternative position option.

Now, players will auto-switch to the alternative position if they have that “position” listed on their item.

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