The Trickster+ Glitch has been running riot throughout the EA FC 24 community as players are using and coming up against this exploit.

This glitch has allowed players to score guaranteed goals against their opponents, who cannot stop it from happening.

It has been ruining FUT Champions for many players so far, but it has now been fixed, and there could be consequences for those who used it.

EA Sports Fix Trickster Glitch & Are Set to Ban Players in FC 24

Players using the Trickster+ glitch in EA FC 24 could receive a ban for using in-game exploits, according to reliable insider FUT Sheriff.

The developers have now fixed the glitch by removing the Trickster+ PlayStyle from the game according to its Trello board. However, gamers who utilized it while active could see their accounts banned.

For those who have used the Trickster glitch and later receive a ban, it should not come as a surprise, as EA’s terms of service state that it is against their policy to use exploits in its games.

Use or distribute unauthorized software programs or tools (such as “auto”, “macro”, hack or cheat software), or use exploits, bugs or problems in an EA Service to gain unfair advantage.

EA terms of service

As shown below, players could make the ball stick to the inside of their calf. It then becomes impossible to tackle or get the ball off them.

While using it, you could run into the goal to score. This certainly falls under the category of an “exploit” where you “gain unfair advantage.”

There is no timeline on when these potential bans will start coming out, but if FUT Sheriff’s information is correct, you should expect them to roll out within the next week.

In the meantime, you can safely hop back into your FUT Champions matches without fear of your opponents using this exploit.

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