EA FC 24 has received its second Title Update since launch, as the most recent patch fixes issues causing the Ultimate Team menus to crash.

With a new game, bugs are likely to appear, and already, a few have started to pop up on EA FC 24. However, this latest issue with the UT menus has been one of the more frustrating problems gamers have faced.

Finally, the developers have found a way to fix the constant freezing and crashing. So, let’s dive into the entire contents of this update.

Ultimate Team Menus Freezing Bug Fixed in EA FC 24 Title Update 2

Title Update 2 for EA FC 24 is an update that “addressed instances of several stability issues, including those that some players may have experienced in Ultimate Team menus.”

For the last few years, Ultimate Team has had fast and smooth menus, but in FC 24, they have been unresponsive.

Players in UT were often experiencing freezing and crashing, particularly when accessing the Transfer Market. Additionally, some gamers experienced items getting stuck in their Transfer Targets.

These bugs have been in the game since launch, and the constant freezing has been frustrating for gamers who have had to restart EA FC 24 each time it occurred.

This update specifically addresses problems within the Ultimate Team menus, and it will significantly improve the overall experience on the mode.

The Transfer Market plays a crucial role, and this freezing bug has made navigating them a challenging task.

This will undoubtedly be an update that will go down well with FC 24 players, although there are still quite a few more issues needing addressing.

One such problem still persisting is players being unable to enter games when having Ada Hegerberg as part of their squad.

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