Team of the Week, also known as TOTW, is the longest remaining campaign in EA Sports soccer games, and it is coming back with some significant changes for EA FC 24.

The TOTW celebrates the best real-life performances across the world, blending the game on the virtual pitch with the ones in the real world.

However, with Team of the Week returning, quite a few changes are being made. Let’s dive in and discuss what is changing.

Every TOTW Change in EA FC 24

In EA FC 24, the following changes will be coming to Ultimate Teams TOTW:

  • All TOTW items will have a minimum of 80 overall.
  • TOTW items can receive considerable boosts in specific stats, such as pace or dribbling, to make them feel more balanced.
  • Featured TOTW items can receive more considerableonsiderable boosts as well as Skill Move & Weak Foot upgrades, which will stay for any future TOTW items. Additionally, they can receive extra PlayStyles for their Team of the Week.
  • All five women’s leagues in Ultimate Team will be eligible for a TOTW item.
EA FC 24 Sam Kerr as a TOTW Item
Sam Kerr TOTW Concept Item

Compared to FIFA 23, these are massive changes to the dynamic of the game. With more significant boosts, a larger selection of players will become “usable” across the mode.

For example, the lowest-rated bronze item in the game could hypothetically go from a low overall in the 40s to mid 80s with just two TOTW items.

Additionally, introducing female Team of the Week items will increase the player pool of “meta” items. It is potentially creating a more extensive variety in teams.

Team of the Week is released every Wednesday throughout the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team cycle at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

If you want to view these changes, you can view them on EA Sports’ official pitch notes.

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