A new Squad Battles glitch in EA FC 24 has been found that turns each match into a 3v3 game, making it easier to gain points.

Squad Battles is one of the best modes to play to earn packs and coins, but playing against the AI can be tedious, especially against the higher difficulties. With this glitch, you can easily play against Legendary to start climbing the ranks.

So, let’s dive into how to do this glitch and start earning yourself some high-valued packs to improve your squad.

How to Do 3v3 Squad Battles Glitch in EA FC 24

To do the EA FC 24 Squad Battles 3v3 glitch, you will need to:

  1. Enter Kick Off and select Volta Football.
  2. Then, choose Volta Single Match and 3v3 Rush.
  3. When the game loads up, quit and head into Ultimate Team.
  4. Navigate to the Squad Battles mode and select an opponent.
  5. Ensure you are in a four-at-the-back formation in your squad screen before entering and put a forward player at RB.
    • This makes it easier to see which players will be part of your 3-player squad which will be your GK, RCB and RB.
  6. Load into a Squad Battles match, and it will be 3v3.

You may receive an error kicking you from EA FC 24 when each game ends. However, do not worry, as you will still receive your points as long as you see the screen where you collect your match coins.

Additionally, do not pause, as this can result in you receiving an error message or the game freezing. You must complete the steps above each time you want to load into a match.

EA FC 24 Squad Battles Glitch

While using this glitch, we recommend playing on Legendary to maximize the points you can receive. Scoring five goals and winning against this AI difficulty will give you around 2200 points per match.

Furthermore, ensure you have a capable CB who is good at passing, and your attacking player has plenty of pace. This will make it much easier to play your forward through on goal to score.

Simply wait for your pacey attacker to be on the last defender and play a long through ball over the opponents head. This can be executed by pressing:

  • PlayStation: L1 + Triangle
  • Xbox: LB + Y

You will certainly score a ton of goals using this method.

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