EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition owners receive 4600 FIFA Points, now known as FC Points, with their game and the first instinct may be to use them straight away but should you?

FIFA Points can be used to open packs or enter the Online and Offline Draft, allowing players to build their club’s roster.

The more packs you open, the more coins likely to funnel into your club. However, you will need to know all the benefits before making your mind up.

Should I Use My 4600 FIFA Points or Wait in EA FC 24?

EA FC 24 players should use their 4600 FC or FIFA Points as soon as they get them. This is because as the game cycle continues, player prices will continue to drop as more gamers pack items.

Now is the best time to make use of the high costs on the transfer market. The only reason not to use your points is due to the lack of promo items in packs.

You can use your points in these three ways:

Open Packs

This will allow you to build up a healthy balance of coins to build up a team to compete in Division Rivals or Squad Battles.

While you could wait for special items to arrive in packs, you will accumulate more coins by having a decent team to earn top-tier rewards from the modes mentioned previously.

Additionally, despite a limited amount of promo packs being available, the 150 FC Point packs will help build your club to complete those Advanced SBCs easier.

4600 FIFA Points to use to open packs

Purchase the Relentless Winger Evolution

Additionally, you could use your FC Points to unlock the “Relentless Winger” Evolution. By completing a series of challenges with your chosen Evolution, you can upgrade a regular gold item into a meta LW.

For example, you can take any LW item that meets the player requirements and boost them up by 6 Overall. During the Evolution, your player will also receive a 5* Weak Foot and two playstyles.

  • Requirements:
    • Position: LW
    • Max Positions: 3
    • Overall: Max. 79
    • Pace: Max. 91
    • Physical: Max. 79
    • Dribbling: Max. 82
    • Shooting: Max. 79
Relentless Winger EA FC 24

Enter the FUT Draft

If you are a decent EA FC 24 player, we would suggest using your FC Points in the Online FUT Draft. Even if you only win 1 match, the rewards provided will be worth more than the 300 points you used to enter.

Furthermore, winning the Offline Draft will offer some valuable packs as well. This can be played on any difficulty as the rewards remain the same, so we suggest playing on Beginner to make it as easy as possible.

FUT Draft EA FC 24
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