Gaining fans in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs enables you to increase the size of your stadium and improve the ratings of your AI players. It can be an essential way to ensure you win more games.

However, many FC 24 gamers may not know how to gain fans and will be unsure how to grow their club and increase their fanbase.

Here is a guide on gaining fans and getting your club’s reputation higher within the Clubs game mode in EA FC 24.

How to Gain Fans in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

You can get fans in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs by using the following methods to increase your reputation level:

  1. Winning matches in Divisions: Achieving victory in your club’s Division matches is a surefire way to attract more fans.
  2. Competing in the FC 24 Pro Clubs Playoffs: Participating in the Pro Clubs Playoffs will guarantee you boost your fan base.

Overall, the better your club performs on the pitch, the more fans you’ll gain.

Playing in the FC 24 Pro Clubs Playoffs will guarantee you earn more followers for your club as part of its rewards. However, this competition is only open for one week of every season.

On the last week of each season, every club can compete in the Playoffs for their current Division. You will play 10 matches, and the better you do in these matches, the higher amount of fans you will gain.

EA FC 24 Clubs Reputation Level

EA FC 24: All Fan Rewards in Clubs Playoffs

Here is how many fans you will earn for finishing in each tier of the Playoffs in FC 24 Clubs:

DivisionChampion (Top 1%)Runner Up (Top 5%)Competitive (Top 10%)Mid-Table (Top 25%)Also-ran (Top 50%)Participant
FC 24 Pro Clubs How to Get Fans from Playoffs
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