The CAM is an essential position in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs, and those playing there will want to have the best build possible.

The best builds in Clubs will contain the perfect height, weight, and where to put your Skill Points. If you do not know what to make your Physical attributes or which stats to spend points on, look no further.

So, let’s dive into the best build for the CAM position in Clubs so you can start working your way to the Elite Division.

EA FC 24 Pro Clubs CAM – Best Physical Attributes to Use

Before we begin, note that this build is set in the LW/RW position. This is because it offers more base pace and dribbling stats than CAM. In FC 24, these areas are more important than passing for this position.

  • Position: LW/RW
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 99 LBs
  • Running Style: The Buzz
EA FC 24 Pro Clubs CAM Build Physical attributes

Best PlayStyles for Pro Clubs CAM

The best PlayStyles for the CAM Position in EA FC 24 are:

  1. Rapid (Ball Control)
  2. Relentless (Physical)
  3. Tiki Taka (Passing)
  4. Pinged Pass (Passing)
  5. Quick Step (Physical)
  6. First Touch (Ball Control)
  7. Technical (Ball Control)

At the lower levels, you can only select a couple of PlayStyles. We have ranked the best ones in order of importance.

If you are Level 25, focus on the top 3 PlayStyles. Additionally, we recommend having one of the three Ball Control PlayStyles set as your PlayStyle+, as you can only select two unless you do so.

EA FC 24 Pro Clubs CAM Build PlayStyles

EA FC 24 Pro Clubs CAM Build – Where to Allocate Skill Points

Here is where you should allocate your skill points for Level 25 and Level 50 CAM builds in EA FC 24. At Level 25, you will have 43 Skill Points, whereas at Level 50, you will have 79 Skill Points.


Follow the Skill Trees in the images below under the Pace category.

  • Level 25: 5 Skill Points
  • Level 50: 26 Skill Points
Pace Stats


In Shooting, at Level 25, you need to focus on getting a 4-star Weak Foot, and at Level 50, focus on a 5-star Weak Foot.

  • Level 25: 11 Skill Points
  • Level 50: 19 Skill Points
Shooting Stats


In Passing, you only need to boost these stats if you are Level 50. Follow the tree shown below:

  • Level 25: 0 Skill Points
  • Level 50: 8 Skill Points
Passing Stats


Here is the Skill Tree selection you should follow for Dribbling:

  • Level 25: 27 Skill Points
  • Level 50: 31 Skill Points
Dribbling Stats
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