After one full month since the release of EA FC 24, players are becoming frustrated with the current state of the game.

Various gameplay issues have arisen, including broken custom tactics and goals that referees don’t disallow when they should.

Players have become so frustrated they have voiced their opinions on social media to seek improvements from the game developer.

Biggest Problems With EA FC 24

Here are the main issues EA FC 24 players feel need addressing:

  1. The broken 71-depth custom tactic that every player is facing in FC 24

A custom tactic in which you set your defensive depth to 71. Having this setup means your AI is more aggressive, covers more of the pitch, and tracks your opposition runs better than usual.

EA FC 24 players feel that having this in the game requires less skill. The game rewards belligerence and thoughtless play.

EA FC 24 71 Defensive Depth

Some believe it removes the fun aspect of the game and causes users to have to change their style of play to stand a chance of winning.

We’ve gone in-depth with how to counter the overpowered 71-depth custom tactic if you are facing issues yourself!

  1. Referees are inconsistent throughout the game

Something that has come to light is the problem with referees. In EA FC 24, players receive red cards more frequently than in previous (FIFA) titles.

Referees are sending players off for light challenges like a push-in-the-box. Consequently, this puts the user at a significant disadvantage for the remainder of the game.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the referees don’t seem to call much worse tackles as fouls.

  1. Rebounds giving the opposition underserved goals

Players have highlighted defending as one of the hardest mechanics to master in EA FC 24. Rebounds make it even more challenging, as the game does not reward good defending.

In many situations, a player will make a tackle, and the ball will bounce back to the opposition. The same issue also happens with shots; the ball will rebound off multiple players and give your opponent a goal-scoring opportunity.

  1. The referees are incorrectly calling offside

One technology you would certainly expect to work in a FIFA game by now is registering the offside rule. In a video game, there can be no human errors like in real football, after all.

However, clear offsides are not being recognized in EA FC 24. In many occasions, players are even flagged while being onside!

  1. The out-of-bounds line is broken

Inconsistency with the out-of-bounds line is something that Reddit user Efficient-Big-9126 is struggling to get to grips with.

“I breathe on the out of bounds line and it gets called, but a ball will literally sit OVER the out of bounds line after a shot and possession will continue.”

This is causing frustration around the user base of EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Jude Bellingham
  1. Players believe Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment exists

DDA (Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment) is, essentially, the game going in the favor of the lower-skill player.

EA publically denied that DDA is in the game, however, players still see the signs of it throughout gameplay. Players feel that the game is rooting against them in situations where they should win the match.

An example is players dominating the opposition in possession and shots on target, and still managing to lose the game thanks to the opposition scoring with much less time on the ball.

Perfect tackles also appear to bounce in the direction of the opponent in key moments, allowing them a goal-scoring opportunity. The possibilities are endless.

Being the developer of a game comes with its responsibilities. You must listen to what the community thinks will help move forward and improve the game.

If the community is ignored, and the issues persist, there is a risk of losing the player base as time goes on.

Isiah is an experienced writer and avid football enthusiast with a keen interest in FC 24. His all-time favourite FIFA player was Player of the Month Son Heung-min back in 2017.