Players want EA to remove the popularly known FC 24 custom tactics that see players have a significant advantage over those not using it.

Just a week into the game’s global launch, players encountered a newly found meta tactic they could not combat.

One important thing to note is that there have been no signs of removing this from the game, as EA has not publically addressed it.

Why 71 Depth Is Overpowered in FC 24

71 depth is overpowered in FC 24 because your AI on the team presses more aggressively, can track opponents’ runs better, and leaves less space on the pitch to attack into.

Depth relates to how far your team is up the pitch. Having it set high puts more pressure on your opponent.

Moreover, having this depth doesn’t significantly reduce your player’s stamina, as it did in previous titles.

71 depth in action in a defensive transition.

How To Set 71 Depth

To set your depth to 71 in FC 24:

  1. Head over to your squad
  2. Click squad actions
  3. Scroll down to custom tactics
  4. Once you are on the custom tactics page you will have a variety of options that allow you to change your team’s dynamics
  5. Head down to the depth section under the defense tab and change it to 71, then save the changes

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EA FC 24 Player Frustrations Rise With High-Depth Tactics

FC 24 players are not happy with the repetitive feel of the game. With almost every player running the same tactics, it removes the fun aspect of experimenting with different tactics and ways to play.

One user faced the tactic in every game of Champions they played and feels it needs to be at the top of EA’s priority list for removal in the next patch.

byu/DontUseTheZedWord from discussion

When coming up against high-depth tactics, many players find the game far less enjoyable. This is because you have to change your style of play to stand a chance of winning.

Most importantly, this highlights the need to address the issue promptly.

While it’s essential to recognize that in each and every game there is a meta, many players think that the 71 depth tactic is broken.

byu/DontUseTheZedWord from discussion

It is so broken that a lot of players are resorting to using 71 depth, even if they don’t like it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to compete in games of FC 24.

How to Beat 71 Depth in EA FC 24

To beat 71 depth in EA FC 24, you must play possession-based football and not rush up the pitch.

Additionally, you have to control the game, pick out your passes correctly, and wait for pockets of space.

In due course, players will start to come out of position and give you opportunities to score.

As of yet, there are no signs that the high-depth issue is leaving the game. You should keep an eye on the EA Sports FC pitch notes section for any updates regarding the removal of this from the game.

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