Making your dream move in EA FC 24 Player Career Mode has been made much easier with the Player Agent feature.

Gone are the days of putting in the hard work on the pitch, only for your dream club not to make an approach to sign you once the transfer window opens.

Join us as we delve into everything you need to know about the Player Agent and how you can make those big money transfers to the top clubs in the world.

What Is the Player Agent in EA FC 24?

The Player Agent in EA FC 24 is a feature that adds depth to the game by allowing players more freedom when it comes to the world of transfers.

The main role of the Player Agent is to negotiate with clubs on your behalf for potential moves and contracts that will impact your virtual career.

Negotiations are a crucial part of the Player Agent. Even if you secure another season with your current club, you always need to plan ahead.

At the end of each season, your progress will be evaluated, and it will determine whether your club wants to keep you or if you need to look for opportunities elsewhere.

EA FC 24 Player Career Mode

How to Make Any Transfer With the Player Agent in EA FC 24 Career Mode

To move to any club you want, you need to select a Target Team to aim for. Target Teams are the next step in your career, and you can only have one set at a time.

After selecting a Target Team, you will be given Objectives to complete, and if you complete them, you will have the chance to join that team.

The Player Agent will be there to help guide your decision. If they feel your Target Team is a step too soon, they will recommend a “stepping stone club” to move before making your dream transfer.

Additionally, you may not always get the chance to join them even after completing all of the Objectives. Teams may not have the budget, they do not need your position or you do not fit their playstyle.

EA FC 24 Player Agent Target Club
Chelsea set as Target Team

Player Agent Objectives

In Player Career Mode, clubs have objectives that you must fulfill to join or continue your contract. The difficulty of these objectives depend on the following:

  • League Prestige
  • Club Rating
  • Financials
  • Your Desired Weekly Wage

There are two sets of Objectives you can complete.

  • Mandatory Objectives
    • Must be complete for a club to even consider working with you. These are the minimum requirements for signing a new contract or securing your position at your current club.
  • Optional Objectives
    • These Objectives are optional, and completing them can increase your earnings. By fulfilling these requirements, you can raise the weekly wage your club or prospective club offers.
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