Paul Pogba is one of the most well-known players in soccer, but the French midfielder is currently missing from EA FC 24 despite playing for Juventus.

Pogba is notorious for his skillful play style and exceptional close-control dribbling despite coming in at 6′ 3″. He is an exciting player in both EA Sports’ titles and real life.

Fans worldwide will surely want to use the player in Kick-Off, Career Mode, and Ultimate Team but will be confused to learn he is not in the game. Here is why Pogba is not in EA FC 24.

Why Is Paul Pogba Not in EA FC 24?

Paul Pogba does not feature in EA FC 24 as his contract is currently suspended by his club, Juventus. The midfielder tested positive for Testosterone doping, which is illegal in the sport.

Due to his contract suspension by his club, EA Sports opted to remove him from all modes within the game.

Paul Pogba does have an item in FC 24 Ultimate Team. He currently holds an 82 OVR rating within the game.

Players searching for him on the market will be unable to find this card. Pogba has not been in packs since the game’s launch.

Paul Pogba in EA FC 24

If Pogba somehow avoids a long-term ban for taking a prohibited substance, the developers can reintegrate him into the game.

However, as it stands, seeing the former Manchester United player back in EA FC anytime soon is an extremely unlikely scenario.

Paul Pogba will not be available in any of EA Sports’s future FC titles throughout the length of his possible suspension from the sport.

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