Ones to Watch is usually one of the first promotions to be released in EA Sports’ soccer games, but in EA FC 24, we have yet to see it.

So far, the Nike MadReady and Road to the Knockout events have been released in the game with no signs of Ones to Watch from the developers.

Let’s dive into all the current information about whether this promotion will return in EA FC 24.

Will There Be an Ones to Watch Promotion in EA FC 24?

There is no confirmation on whether Ones to Watch (OTW) will be arriving in EA FC 24. However, the item design is in the game code.

Reliable data miner Fut Scoreboard shared this image on X, formerly known as Twitter, showcasing the item design.

Typically, whenever an item design is in the files, it will arrive in the Ultimate Team at some point.

If OTW is to come to EA FC 24, it would be a significant pattern shift from EA Sports. This promotion usually lands in-game within the first week of launch.

Although, it is certainly possible they are trying a different schedule for the new game.

What Is Ones to Watch?

Ones to Watch is a promotional event where new signings from the previous summer receive special items equal to their base overalls.

However, these items can be upgraded and will match any performance-based items they receive throughout the year.

This includes the following items:

  • TOTW
  • Domestic MOTM
  • European MOTM

In FIFA 23, an added stipulation incorporated the World Cup. Still, with no international competition during the early months of EA FC 24, we wouldn’t see a similar idea.

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