The 4321 is one of the most attacking formations in EA FC 24, and with these custom tactics, you will surely score many goals.

This formation features three forwards that essentially act as strikers. Additionally, the instructions put on the midfielders add even more firepower to your offense.

If you want to use this formation, look no further; these tactics will undoubtedly take this setup to the next level.

Meta 4321 Formation Custom Tactics for EA FC 24

Here are the tactics for this meta 4321 formation in EA FC 24:

  • Defense
    • Width: 45
    • Depth: 71
  • Offense
    • Build-Up Play: Balanced
    • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
    • Width: 45
    • Players in Box: 7
    • Corners: 2
    • Free Kicks: 2

In EA FC 24, whenever depth is set to 71 or above, this will make your players automatically press the opponent. This will be incredibly difficult for your opponent to keep possession of the ball.

EA FC 24 4321 Tactics

EA FC 24 Instructions for 4321 Formation

Here are the instructions and the player profiles you will need to make the 4321 formation as effective as possible:

PositionInstructionsPlayer Description
GK• Comes for Crosses
• Sweeper Keeper
• Tall
RB• Default• Quick
RCB• Default• Tall
• Quick
• Strong
LCB• Default• Tall
• Quick
• Strong
LB• Default• Quick
RCM• Default• Quick
• Well rounded
• Box-to-box
CM• Stay Back While Attacking
• Cover Center
• Stay on Edge of Box on Crosses
• Quick
• Strong
• Good Defensively
LCM• Get Forward
• Get into the Box on Crosses
• Cover Wing
• Quick
• Strong
• Good Passing
• Attacking Midfielder
LCF• Get in Behind• Quick
• Agile
RCF• Get in Behind• Quick
• Agile
ST• Default• Quick
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