If you don’t like running down the wings or playing out wide, the 41212 (2) is one of the best narrow formations in EA FC 24, and here are the custom tactics you should use!

This setup ultimately gets rid of all wingers or wide midfielders and focuses on attacking through the center. When up against opposition who are playing wider formations, these tactics can get a lot of joy.

So, let’s dive into the custom tactics you should use and what instructions you should give each player!

Meta 41212 (2) Formation Custom Tactics in EA FC 24

Here are the best custom tactics for the 41212 (2) formation in EA FC 24:

  • Defence
    • Defensive Style: Balanced
    • Width: 41
    • Depth: 43
  • Offence
    • Build-Up Play: Balanced
    • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
    • Width: 45
    • Players in Box: 6
    • Corners: 2
    • Free Kicks: 2
EA FC 24 41212 2 tactics

EA FC 24 Instructions For 41212 (2) Formation

Here are the instructions you should use as well as the type of player profile you should aim for in each position on the 41212 (2) in EA FC 24:

PositionInstructionsPlayer Description
GK• Comes for Crosses
• Sweeper Keeper
• Tall
RB• Overlap• Quick
• Attacking
RCB• Default• Tall
• Quick
• Strong
LCB• Default• Tall
• Quick
• Strong
LB• Overlap• Quick
• Attacking
CDM• Stay Back While Attacking
• Cover Center
• Quick
• Defensively Minded
• Good Passing
RCM• Stay Back While Attacking
• Cover Center
• Quick
• Good Defensively
• Box-to-Box
LCM• Cover Center• Quick
• Strong
• Attacking Midfielder
CAM• Default• Quick
• Agile
• Good Dribbling
• Good Passing
RST• Stay Central• Quick
• Agile
LST• Stay Central• Quick
• Good Finishing
Note: The LCM & RCM can be swapped. The attacking midfielder does not have to play LCM.

Why Is the 41212 (2) Effective in FC 24?

The 41212 (2) formation effectively exploits teams that are very wide in FC 24 due to the central nature of the attackers in this setup.

With the two STs and the CAM being down the middle, they are often near each other, making for easy tiki-taka football or back-and-forth passes.

The two CMs are also close to the center, providing yet another option for a pass. Additionally, even if a team attacks down your wings, you should be defensively solid in that area as long as your fullbacks are quick.

EA FC 24 41212 2 formation
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