The curtain has risen on EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, treating us to an early glimpse of a long-anticipated feature—the new way in which ICONs now contribute to team chemistry.

Beyond this exciting chemistry system is an update to the ICON versions that will be available throughout the game.

From revamped chemistry dynamics to a comprehensive overhaul of ICON player types, let’s dive in and discuss these changes.

New ICONs Chemistry System in EA FC 24

ICONs in EA FC 24 will now provide a chemistry point for every league you have in your squad. For example, if you have a squad of Premier League and La Liga players, adding an ICON will give one point for each.

If you add two ICONs, you will gain two points for each league, guaranteeing at least one chemistry for players from those competitions.

Additionally, the Nation chemistry points stay the same, with ICONs providing two points towards their Nation chemistry.

This makes ICONs an excellent way to boost the chemistry within your squad and truly build your “dream team.”

ICONs chemistry in EA FC 24
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EA FC 24 ICON Versions

In EA FC 24, ICONs will only have one base item at launch and will no longer have Mid and Prime versions. This makes ICONs aligned with Heroes and Regular player items.

Instead, EA Sports will release “Campaign ICONs” all year long to honor the stories and eras of these athletes.

This will be similar to the World Cup, TOTY, FUT Birthday and Shapeshifter ICONs from FIFA 23.

We will capture the eras and stories of these legendary players by continuing to release additional Campaign versions of Heroes and ICONs throughout the year.

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