Every recent version of EA Sports’ soccer games has clear animations that tell if you have packed a walkout, and in EA FC 24, there is a new animation that lets you know.

Walkouts in EA FC 24 are any players 86 Overall or above and any special items that are 84 rated or higher.

Getting one of these players is exciting as you may hit the big money by packing someone worth a lot. Here is how to tell if you pack a walkout before the player is revealed in EA FC 24.

How to Know If You Pack a Walkout in EA FC 24

To know if you have packed a walkout, you must keep a close on the light beams behind the central blank icon.

The lights will be much brighter and thicker if the player is a walkout. Whereas if they are lower-rated, the lights will be dimmer and thinner.

Walkout lights to tell you how to know if you got one in EA FC 24

Finding these walkout tells in EA FC 24 is more difficult than ever. While these details are subtle, they are definitive ways to know the level of player you have packed before they are shown.

To better understand what to look out for below, we have included images showing what will pop up when you get each of the following in a pack:

  • Players rated 82 and below.
  • Players rated 83 – 85.
  • Players rated 86+.

As you can see in the image below, the light beams are all different.

For each variation of player overall, the lights get increasingly brighter and the beams get thicker.

Pack animation comparison in EA FC 24
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