EA FC 24 Evolutions is a new feature in Ultimate Team where gamers can take a player from their base overall and turn them into club legends.

Imagine the satisfaction of using a hidden gem, guiding them through the overall rankings, and witnessing their progression. With Evolutions, you can transform these once-overlooked players into formidable assets capable of rivaling the meta.

Most of this can be done without spending those valuable Ultimate Team coins, although there is much more to this new feature. Let’s discuss what you can expect from Evolutions.

What Is EA FC 24 Evolutions in Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team Evolutions is a new feature in EA FC 24, where you take a lower overall player and can upgrade their individual stats or overall as well as:

  • Skill Moves 
  • Work Rates
  • PlayStyles
  • Alternative Positions
  • Weak Foot
EA FC 24 Evolutions Upgrade

How Do You Evolve a Player in EA FC 24 Evolutions?

Evolutions players can be evolved by completing specific Objectives using the player item.

You can find the challenges under the “Evolutions” tab. These can include playing a certain amount of games or scoring a specific amount of goals with your player.

Additionally, completing Objectives could give you the opportunity to customize your item’s design, earning new visuals and animated backgrounds.

EA FC 24 Evolutions Objectives

Which Players Can Be Upgraded in EA FC 24 Evolutions?

Not all players can be upgraded in Evolutions. You need to check the requirements to see which players are allowed.

For instance, there could be an Evolutions upgrade that is only for Silver players or for specific positions such as Strikers. There could also be stipulations like they must have a certain level of Skill Moves or Weak Foot.

Some Evolutions will be accessible for free every season, while others might need coins or points to unlock. This is so EA Sports can create balanced upgrade paths.

EA FC 24 Evolutions complete

Can I Have More Than One Evolutions Player in EA FC 24?

Yes, you can own more than one Evolutions item in EA FC 24. However, you can only upgrade one at a time.

This means if you have two of these players in your squad, only the player you selected will gain progress on their challenges.

To see which player you are currently evolving, an overhead indicator will be visible.

Additionally, you can swap freely between all of your Evolution players, and you will not lose progress on them. For example, if you are working on a Silver player, you may not want to use them in FUT Champs.

Instead, select to evolve a higher overall player while playing and then reselect the Silver once you are finished with your games.

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