Evolutions in EA FC 24 are one of the most enjoyable new additions to the game, but one drawback is that you can’t “Evo” two players simultaneously, at least without using this latest glitch.

Selecting your favorite players and bringing them up the ranks can be incredibly rewarding. Imagine taking a low-rated Bronze from the team you support and making it a usable gold item!

However, boosting them up can be a prolonged process, with multiple of them available and the ability to do only one of them at a time. This latest glitch will undoubtedly speed up those upgrades.

How to Have Two Active Evolutions

To have two Active Evolutions at the same time in FC 24, follow these steps:

  1. Fully complete an Evolution but do not claim.
    • Note that this must be an entire Evolution, not just a single level within an Evolution.
Completed Evolution in FC 24
  1. Before claiming the completed Evolution, make another Evolution active.
  2. Make sure your Evolutions are in your Active Squad before continuing to Step 4.
  3. With the completed Evolution now in the second slot on the tab, claim it. This will pass the Evolution down to the player below, making it active.
Two Evolutions at One Time Glitch FC 24
Two Evolutions with checkmarks showing they are both active.
  1. Now, you will have two active Evos, allowing you to interchange between all of your Evolutions and work on two of them simultaneously.

This was first discovered by FC 24 content creator Nepenthez, and it is beneficial, particularly for completing the Evolutions that require playing many matches.

The Centurions Box-to-Box needs you to complete 40 games! Now you can “Evo” two players at once, meaning you can work on those long-haul challenges and upgrade another Evolution while at it!

This two Evolutions glitch will likely be patched in the near future, so make use of it while you can!

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