If you play as the ST in Clubs, you will want to ensure you have the best build in EA FC 24.

Everything you choose, from height, weight, PlayStyles, and even running style, will play a part in how well your created Pro will play.

It is essential to select the best options, and we are here to guide you through where you should put those Skill Points and all the other details you need for the best striker build.

EA FC 24 Clubs ST Build – Best Physical Attributes to Use

First, despite this being an ST build, we suggest setting your playing as either a RW or LW. This is because you will get much more starting pace and dribbling on your player.

  • Position: RW or LW
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • Running Style: The Buzz

As we will go into it further down, dribbling is an essential aspect of EA FC 24, and having high stats will be extremely important.

EA FC 24 Clubs ST Build Physical Attributes

Best PlayStyles to Select for Clubs ST Build in EA FC 24

The best PlayStyles to select for your ST build in EA FC 24 are:

  1. Technical
  2. Rapid
  3. Quick-Step
  4. Relentless
  5. First Touch
  6. Tika Taka
  7. Finesse Shot

Of course, the lower level you are, the fewer PlayStyles you can have at one time, so we have listed them in order of importance.

If you are level 25 in Clubs, we suggest focusing on the PlayStyles 1-3, as they will improve your dribbling. Additionally, Technical is one of the most important traits to utilize the powerful Controlled Sprint.

When you level up, we suggest adding Relentless. This way, due to its boost, you will not need to allocate any Skill Points to Stamina.

EA FC 24 Clubs ST Build PlayStyles

EA FC 24 Clubs ST Build: Where to Allocate Skill Points

Here is where you should allocate your skill points for Level 25 and Level 50 ST builds in EA FC 24. At Level 25, you will have 43 Skill Points, whereas at Level 50, you will have 79 Skill Points.


    • Level 25
      • 5 Skill Points on two Acceleration traits
    • Level 50
      • 26 Skill Points on Acceleration and Cheetah Archetype
    Pace Attribution for Clubs


    • Level 25
      • 11 Skill Points on Finishing & Weak Foot
    • Level 50
      • 11 Skill Points on Finishing & Weak Foot
    Shooting Allocation


    • Level 25
      • N/A
    • Level 50
      • 5 Skill Points on Short Passing
    Pass allocation in Clubs


    • Level 25
      • 12 Skill Points on the left tree on Agility and Dribbling
      • 15 Skill Points on the right tree on Balance and Ball Control
    • Level 50
      • 21 Skill Points to unlock 4* Skill Moves on the left tree
      • 11 Skill Points on right tree on Balance and Ball Control
    EA FC 24 Clubs ST Build Dribbling Attributes
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