Career Mode in EA Sports FC 24 allows players to live out their football dreams, and this new title brings some worthwhile new features to the mix.

There are two different ways to play Career Mode, and that includes either taking control of a player rising through football stardom or a manager looking to take their team to the podium.

However, with FC 24, EA is hoping to reinvent how players approach Career Mode and implement a wide range of new features to keep the experience fresh.

Hire Coaches With Total Management System

One of the newest features coming to EA Sports FC 24 is the ability to hire Coaches in Manager Career to help assist you in implementing your vision for your team using the new Total Management System.

The Total Management System allows players to refine their tactics like never before and help them exploit their rivals’ weaknesses.

This management system will give players a new range of control over their players’ training that will help them improve specific game-changing skills.

Alexis Mac Allister in EA Sports FC 24

Players will have the opportunity to achieve this at both the individual player level and as a team.

One of the pre-order bonuses for EA FC 24‘s Ultimate Edition is actually a guaranteed 5-Star Coach available for hire.

This means that the quality of coaches that players can hire will affect how effective the training the players receive from them is.

Player Agent For Player Mode

EA FC 24 will introduce Player Agents for Player Career, adding a new dimension to how players search for new teams.

These agents will help players chart their careers and find a path that fits the vision the players want. If you’re set on playing for your favorite club, then your player agent can help chart a part there for you.

This allows players to focus on improving their qualifications while the player agent handles all the specifics with the club.

You can even take control of your favorite player and plan a completely different career for them with the help of your agent.

EA FC 24 Vini Jr

Touchline Cam Introduces Spectate Mode to Career Mode

The Touchline Cam for Manager Career will allow players to see a game through a manager’s eyes on the pitch.

This new Spectate Mode will allow players to watch and manage their teams from the sidelines without directly controlling them.

Dynamic Moments Will Add Depth to Seasonal Achievements

When players will a season, Career Mode will now give them Dynamic Moments, where they can participate in a custom Bus Trophy Parade and other similar events.

Players will experience some of the most iconic football career milestones during both Player and Manager Careers through these Dynamic Moments.

Personality System and Playstyles

EA FC 24 will give players the ability to give their players new Personalities built around the newly implemented Playstyles.

As your player grows, their personality will help define and refine some of the skills that they showcase on the pitch. Eventually, this could develop into a one-of-a-kind talent unique to your player.

This means players can have their players resemble the current stars in football like Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe.