The “Build 12 Chemistry” Foundation objective is currently bugged in EA FC 24 as players are not rewarded despite hitting the requirements.

This objective rewards the player with the “Catalyst” chemistry style. This can be used to earn 100 coins from a different challenge.

If you are one of those players who cannot complete it, look no further, as we have the solution. Let’s dive in and discuss how to finish this objective.

How to Fix EA FC 24 Build 12 Chemistry Bug

To fix the “Build 12 Chemistry” bug in EA FC 24, you must complete this objective on the full game. The Web App currently cannot finish this challenge for some reason.

At the moment, it appears it could be a coding error on the developer’s side.

If your squad already has 12 chemistry on the full game and the challenge has not completed, swap a few players around for the game to refresh to recognize you have met the requirements.

Build 12 Chemistry Objective EA FC 24

Furthermore, you must build this team with actual players in your squad.. If you are using Concept items, they will not count towards this objective’s progress.

Unfortunately, if you do not have full access to the game, you must wait to hop onto EA FC 24 or EA Sports to fix the bug.

Keep an eye out on the EASFCDirect account on X, previously known as Twitter. The developers will post any updates on a potential fix.

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