To perform at the highest level in EA FC 24, you must ensure you have the best controller settings at your disposal.

These settings can be a real game-changer in FC 24, allowing you to enable a key mechanic within the game or make life easier when shooting or defending.

So, let’s dive in and discuss which settings you should turn on to give yourself the best chance at winning games.

EA FC 24 Best Controller Settings

Here are the best controller settings to use in EA FC 24:

Presets & Shooting

PresetCompetitiveCompetitive preset is automatically turned on for Online modes.
Auto ShotsOffAuto disabled by Competitive preset.
Assisted HeadersOffAuto disabled by Competitive preset.
Shot AssistanceAssistedThe shot direction will be assisted, meaning more of your shots will be aimed towards the goal.
Timed FinishingOn (Preference)Although we say “On,” this is preference. We recommend using it as if you can learn the Timed Finishing mechanics; you are sure to score way more goals.
EA FC 24 Best ShootingController Settings


Auto Flair PassOffAuto disabled by Competitive preset.
Through Pass Assistance SemiGives the player more control over key passes.
Lobbed Through PassSemiGives you more control over those decisive long passes in key moments.
Ground Pass AssistanceAssistedGround Passes will be much more accurate.
Cross AssistanceAssistedCrosses are difficult to direct. Assisted will help players be more accurate.
Lob Pass AssistanceAssistedLob Passes are challenging to direct. Assisted will help players be more accurate.
Pass Receiver LockLateLate allows players to quickly change their pass receiver in events where the original receiver cannot retrieve the pass.
Precision Pass SensitivityNormalThis is a new setting in EA FC 24, and we recommend initially leaving it on normal. As you play the game, you can slowly transition to “High.” This will make passes more responsive and precise, although it will be harder to be accurate.
EA FC 24 Best Passing Controller Settings


Auto ClearancesOffAuto disabled by Competitive preset.
Clearance AssistanceDirectionalIt gives more control over where clearances are hit.
JockeyManualAuto-selected by Competitive preset.
DefendingTactical DefendingThis allows you to time your tackles and maintain position of defending player.
Pass Block AssistanceOnAI players will step in to win the ball back when the ball is nearby.
EA FC 24 Best Defending Controller Settings


Auto SwitchingOn Air Balls and Loose BallsIt’s better than Ball Relative, as you may want to select a player not near the ball.
Auto Switching Move AssistanceNoneOther options will keep players moving in position when you switch, giving less control over where you are attempting to move to.
Right Stick SwitchingClassicThis setting is the one that allows quicker player switching.
Right Stick Switching ReferencePlayer RelativeIt’s better than Ball Relative, as you may want to select a player not near the ball.
Right Stick Switching SensitivityPreferenceDetermines the best player to switch to depending on the scenario.
Next Player SwitchingClassicTurn it off, as it makes player switching too slow.
Player LockOnIf you can learn this mechanic, you will be able to create a ton of chances with the Player Lock.
Icon SwitchingOffTurn it off, as it makes player switching too slow.
Best Switching Settings

Dribbling & Controller Preferences

Contextual DribblingOffAuto disabled by Competitive preset.
Orbit DribblingOffWe suggest turning this off as the buttons needed are more useful for other mechanics such as sending players on a run.
Analog SprintOffWith this turned on, it makes it harder to hold the sprint button.
Trigger EffectOffWith this turned on, holding the sprint button is harder.
User Vibration FeedbackOff (Preference)We recommend turning it off to avoid any distracting vibrations. However, it won’t make much difference if you want it on.
Best Dribbling and Preference settings
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