Camera settings in EA FC 24 are extremely important as they can provide a larger visual of what is happening on the pitch, and here are the best ones to use.

Whether you are playing Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or Clubs, the importance of your view of the pitch will always remain the same.

If you want to gain an edge in online play or give yourself the best shot at winning those prestigious trophies in your Career Mode, look no further than these camera settings!

EA FC 24 Best Camera Angle & Settings

The best camera to use in EA FC 24 is Co-Op or Legacy. Both camera angles are great for getting a clear visual over large areas of the pitch.

We recommend turning your “Custom Camera Settings” on to “Custom” and setting the following up:

  • Height – 20
  • Zoom – 0

Depending on your preference, these custom settings will work for either Co-Op or Legacy. If you prefer a close-up view, Legacy will be your option.

EA FC 24 Best Camera Settings

Legacy vs. Co-Op Side-by-Side Comparison

There is not much difference between these camera settings in EA FC 24 other than the zoom on the pitch. Legacy will take you much closer to the action while still showing a lot of the field.

Meanwhile, with Co-Op, you will be placed further away, but you will always have most of the pitch in view. Ultimately, the choice is up to the player, as we think both options are excellent.

If you want to see a full comparison, we have a side-by-side view shown in the image below:

Co-Op vs Legacy Side by Side
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