If you are attempting to play Clubs in EA FC 24 and receiving this error “an unexpected error has occurred while attempting the club operation,” then there is a simple explanation as to why.

Clubs is one of the most popular modes in EA FC 24 as players attempt to climb the division with a squad full of their friends.

However, this error will prevent them from entering matches and continuing their journey to reach the top divisions. Here is why you are receiving this error.

An Unexpected Error Has Occurred While Attempting the Club Operation – EA FC 24 Error Explained

If you are receiving the “An unexpected error has occurred while attempting the club operation” message in EA FC 24, it is because one or more of the players in the club are on a newer version of the game.

This can commonly occur if any members of your created club are playing on PC. Whenever EA FC 24 gets an update, the PC platform gets the patch a day before those on Xbox and PlayStation.

You could also come across this message if one or more players have cross-play disabled. To enable it, you must:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Next, select Online Settings.
  3. Go to Matchmaking Options.
  4. Toggle “Crossplay Enabled” to “Yes.”
Turning Cross play on to fix an unexpected error has occurred while attempting the club operation ea fc 24

Due to players having different versions of EA FC 24 or having cross-play off, the game will prevent you from entering a match within Clubs.

Unfortunately, if PC players have a newer game version, the only fix for this error message is to wait until the update becomes available for those on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

There is no other way around the error in this scenario. Like most EA Sports games patches, this will likely arrive the day after PC receives the update file.

In the meantime, if you wish to play Clubs on PC, you must play without cross-play while waiting.

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