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EA Promises to Listen to Fan Feedback to Improve Battlefield 2042

It seems that EA is finally listening to fan feedback, and will continue to do so in order to help improve Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 was one of our most-anticipated games of 2021. It was also one of our most disappointing games of 2021 (although we don’t have an article for that).

What we do have are countless instances of Battlefield 2042 fans volunteering feedback to help improve the game. Many gamers are hoping that the title can be saved, despite a great deal of silence from DICE and EA.

Battlefield 2042

Today, EA is finally communicating with the players. And it’s promising to do so in a big way moving forward.

Unfortunately, we just got the major news that Battlefield 2042 Season 1 has been delayed to Summer!

But the development team is going to use that extra time to improve the FPS title in a major way.

Battlefield 2042 Will Use Fan Feedback Loop to Save Itself

If you’re a Battlefield fan that wants your say to matter, EA is finally listening to advice regarding 2042.

In a new Battlefield 2042 blog post, EA goes into detail about how its new ‘feedback loop’ system will work. By communicating with the fans about upcoming changes, the publisher hopes to improve the user experience in a big way.

“We will present specific, major focus areas to you along with our current thinking, detailing where we’re planning to make changes,” the blog reads. “We’ll then take the time to observe and listen to the conversations that you go on to have about both the area of concern and our proposals for adjustment.”

After that, the development team will consider the fan feedback, in addition to its plans for Battlefield 2042.

And when fans hear from the Battlefield team again, it’ll be regarding their final plans for the next update, with feedback taken into account.

It looks like EA’s first task is going to be fixing Battlefield 2042’s map design!

Battlefield 2042

Unfortunately, it’ll be a long wait for major changes to the game. And with Battlefield 2042’s player count dropping fast, will it survive until Summer 2022?

What’s more, core features like the Battlefield 2042 voice chat won’t arrive until after March! With that in mind, we can’t imagine how long other changes will take to finally drop.

Thankfully, we’re not far away from the Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard update. However, given that we’re now around 2 and a half months into the game’s lifespan, it’s shocking that we’ve been waiting this long.

All the while, EA Customer Support reports that players are very happy with Battlefield 2042! Maybe after a little fan feedback is taken into account, that statement will actually be true.

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Saturday 12th of March 2022

Game def needs a HC mode So much fun. Map design needs to be smaller. More cover. More guns and better flow to engagements. Also, it is imperative to have TDM in regular and HC, as well as the other game modes.