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E3 2022 Digital Event Officially Canceled

ESA’s E3 Digital Event has officially been canceled, according to emails being sent out today to members of the video game industry.

This comes after a tough battle to keep the event alive amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. With anything in-person being out of the question, E3 opted to turn to digital events.

The digital event was incredibly successful and featured some of the most significant announcements of the year.

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 was announced, and Starfield was given a release date.

So it’s unfortunate that we won’t see a gaming showcase of this magnitude from ESA this year.

Here’s everything we know.

E3 Canceled

E3 2022 Reportedly Canceled

UPDATE – 3/31 1:30 PM PST – ESA has officially announced that its E3 2022 Digital Event is canceled. They also mentioned that they will be back to an in-person format this coming 2023 in Los Angeles.

According to recent emails sent out, ESA has ultimately canceled its E3 2022 Digital Event.

Just recently, ESA canceled the E3 2022 Event due to covid regulations. Due to how quickly everything happened in 2020, ESA could not repurpose the event and had to cancel it outright.

But in 2021, they were able to move to a digital zone and continue with their event.

Despite all this, ESA has once again opted to cancel E3 entirely for 2022.

Many have taken to Twitter to share their feelings regarding E3 and their Digital Event cancellation.

ESA has yet to give any official statement regarding the cancellation.

E3 used to be an event where the most significant video game announcements would occur. But through the years, many developers and publishers have opted to use their events to showcase their titles.

We recently saw PlayStation give out an extended look at Hogwarts Legacy via their State of Play digital event.

Although, other publishers like Nintendo have found a way to incorporate both into their plans. Last year Nintendo hosted a Direct during the E3 2021 Digital Event.

We have yet to see if this cancelation is simply for E3 2022 or if it might be a more permanent thing.

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