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E3 2021: Tekken’s Kazuya Is Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Next DLC Fighter

There’s a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter incoming at E3 2021!

A new challenger approaches! The time for our next Super Smash Bros Ultimate character is here, thanks to Nintendo’s E3 showcase!

We’ve been guessing who would be Smash Bros Ultimate’s next DLC character for months, with a not unpredictable amount of success. But now, we finally have confirmation about which iconic fighter will become the next Fighter Pass 2 member.

Nintendo Direct E3 2021 New Smash Ultimate Character
(Source: Nintendo)

Was this major Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leak correct?

Recently, we learned the plans for Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s final DLC characters. And if the leak is correct, the upcoming ‘Mr Sakurai Presents’ production is already filmed.

We can’t wait to see this character in action very soon!

Kazuya Mishima Revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC at E3 2021

The news we’ve all been waiting for is here, as Kazuya Mishima himself gets unveiled as the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter.

Nintendo is always amazing us with incredible crossovers, and this new Tekken representative is no exception. Opening the showcase by dropping Ganondorf off a cliff edge, we knew the reveal would be worth the wait.

Kazuya Mishima is one of the main characters in the Tekken franchise, and he’s been present in all games in the series. Being a fighting game protagonist, he has a lot of iconic moves to draw from.

And he’s even got a Devil Kazuya form that’s sure to lead to some epic showdowns in-game! It looks like the fighter powers up in his Devil form, but also gets some unique moves, such as firing laser eyes and an extra jump.

Like Ryu and Ken, Kazuya is sure to have a unique playstyle, influenced by traditional fighters. The new trailer even showcases a devastating combo, complete with a finishing blow that KO’s his enemy.

Kazuya Smash bros Ultimate Tekken
(Source: Nintendo)

In case you missed it, Smash Bros Ultimate’s last DLC characters were from the Xenoblade franchise! And it’s been a long wait from their reveal in February.

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But that’s not all from Nintendo this year! We’ve got a brand-new Metroid title at E3 2021. There’s already been a new major Mario title reveal ahead of Nintendo’s showcase!

And the biggest news at E3 2021 was the reveal of a new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer to finish off the event! This is just what fans were waiting for, and the new game looks incredible.

What’s more, the ‘New Nintendo Switch’ is leaking at this US retailer already. This could be our next clue for the 4K Nintendo Switch Pro that’s been rumored for months.

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