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E3 2021: Halo Infinite Free-to-Play Multiplayer Trailer and Details Revealed

Halo Infinite is one of 2021’s biggest releases, and this new E3 reveal finally shows off its free-to-play multiplayer.

Halo Infinite is sure to be breaking new records when it releases after a lengthy delay. Not only will the game deliver a next-gen Halo experience, but it also offers free-to-play multiplayer for both Xbox and PC players.

It’s this groundbreaking announcement that sets Halo Infinite apart from the rest of the franchise, and we’re excited to see more from 343 Industries. Thankfully, the wait is already over, as a new Halo Infinite trailer debuts at E3 2021.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer

We already heard new details about Halo Infinite’s incredible PC port recently – and now we know more about what’s to come.

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer at E3 2021

If E3 was business as usual, we’d probably be able to play Halo Infinite’s multiplayer for ourselves. For now though, we’ll settle for this incredible new Halo trailer.

It’s finally the time we’ve all been waiting for, as Halo Infinite steps up to bat at E3 2021. Being Microsoft’s biggest IP launch since the release of the Xbox Series X/S, it’s no wonder that Halo is getting quite a showcase this year.

And after the game was delayed for a year, it’s been a long wait for more details about the new Halo title. Thankfully, that wait is now over.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Energy Sword
343 Industries

We already heard about Halo Infinite’s story details and release date here! Now, Microsoft is officially revealing more about Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer at E3 2021.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be completely free-to-play for all users on both PC and Xbox. Anyone will be able to pick up the game for free at launch, which will likely lead to quite a stacked player base.

What’s more, the game will run at 120FPS on Xbox Series X, which means we’re getting the smoothest Halo experience to date. We can see from the trailer that a lot of classic Halo features are returning, but there’s some new stuff to enjoy too.

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New Equipment

One particularly interesting feature of the new Halo Multiplayer is the addition of the grappling hook. Not only can you use the hook to move around the map quickly, it can also be used to grab weapons, enemies, and even hijack vehicles with ease.

But the Grappleshot isn’t the only piece of new kit arriving in Halo Infinite. In a new Halo Waypoint, Xbox reveals a Threat Sensor, Repulsor, and Drop Wall that will each change how player interact with the worlds around them.

halo infinite sniper rifle
(Source: 343 Industries)

Finding equipment around the map just like back in Halo 3 is back, and you’ll be able to use it to detect enemies, bounce back projectiles and more. What’s more, 343 Industries promises that more items will be coming in future ‘seasonal updates’ after the game launches.

Vehicles are also returning, and players will be glad to see the return of classics like the Warthog, Ghost, Chopper, and Banshee. However, there are also some new ways to traverse Halo Infinite’s maps, including the new Razorback – and many vehicles now support customization too!

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Halo Infinite Academy Revealed

In order to get Spartan’s trained up sufficiently, Halo Infinite comes with a new Academy mode. In these training grounds, recruits will be able to test their marksmanship in a range, or jump into training skirmishes against AI.

halo infinite academy
(Source: 343 Industries)

This is a great way to get your practice in, and train on your own terms. Bots can even play alongside Halo fans in custom games, making evening the odds easy even with a player MIA.

“With new training options, bots to spar against, skill-based-matchmaking, and improved systems that deliver better communication of key info to players during a match, we’re excited to welcome Spartans of all skill levels and help you battle your way to the top each season. “

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Modes

The iconic Halo Arena will return in Infinite too, with classic Multiplayer action taking center stage. Teams of four Spartans will compete in a range of new and returning modes, as players strive to control key areas of a map.

Loot equipment, take weapons off the body of your enemies, and enjoy the return of legendary multiplayer Jeff Steitzer.

Big Team Battle is also returning, with 24 player gameplay across large vehicle-friendly maps. Call in Pelicans to deploy vehicles and weapons on your position before using them to destroy the enemy.

halo infinite screenshot
(Source: 343 Industries)

Both Ranked and Social gameplay will be present in Halo Infinite, but that’s far from all. Limited-time seasonal events will arrive, bringing special rewards to players for taking part.

And with cross-progression, you can take your progress with you between Xbox and PC freely.

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Spartan Customization Details

As ever, players will be able to customize their Spartan how they see fit before heading into online Multiplayer. There will be more options than ever before, in Halo Infinite’s customization, and more items will drop with each season.

More items for your Spartan will be earned through gameplay, challenges, events, and purchases. And while microtransactions will be present, these cosmetic unlocks will leave nothing to chance and have no impact on gameplay.

halo infinite spartan customization
(Source: 343 Industries)

As touched on above, it’s not just Spartans that are customizable either, with weapons, vehicles and more joining in the fun. And your Spartan’s own Personal AI can be tweaked too, a new blog reveals.

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Multiplae technical previews of Halo Infinite are scheduled for Summer 2021, so we may be able to try out the game soon. You’ll want to register with Halo Insider to take part in these Multiplayer trials as and when they go live.

But Halo will be competing with another major shooter in 2021! Check out the latest news from Battlefield 2042, which just got a brand-new gameplay trailer of its own.

And there are brand-new Xbox Game Pass titles dropping imminently, thanks to E3 2021! You won’t want to miss these!

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