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E3 2021: Full Game List Rumor Appears Online Ahead of Event

The entire gaming community is poised on the edge of their seats ready for a flurry of game announcements at this year’s E3 2021 event. However, a new rumor has emerged which may have already leaked the titles for the majority of upcoming games at E3 2021.

E3 is near moments away and many are eagerly anticipating new announcements and gameplay reveals for upcoming games. Interestingly enough, 2021 has been the year of speculation, rumors, and supposed leaks, with players grasping at crumbs of information amidst the gaming drought.

E3 2021 official full schedule nintendo xbox bethesda ubisoft square enix more
E3 Event

If you want to know the best way to watch E3 2021 this year, we’ve got you covered. You’ll definitely want to tune in to make sure you catch all of the exciting announcements.

Alternatively, you may also want to check out the full schedule for E3 this year. If there’s a particular publisher that you’re interested in, you won’t want to miss them!

E3 2021 event Celebrity Guests
E3 2021

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Now, however, one extremely reliable and credible source has offered his predictions for the event, which may have revealed the list of most upcoming titles ahead of E3 2021. Interestingly, this rumor is also being backed up by other sources, which appear to suggest it may hold some serious substance.

Here is everything that we know about the rumor, which appears to be gaining traction online. Have many games already been leaked early? Take a look for yourself and see what you make of the rumor.

E3 2021: Full Game List Rumor Surfaces Online

The latest E3 2021 event leak comes from one highly reliable source. The leaker “Brushie” is held in high regard by the gaming community for his accuracy and consistency regarding leaked information.

E3 2021
E3 2021 Event

Interestingly, Brushie has specifically published a large list of titles that he expects to see at the E3 2021 event this year. Understandably, the list is gaining traction and may even contain the majority of titles being unveiled imminently.

Furthermore, the rumor is even being supported by other known and credible leakers, such as Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. In a reply tweet, Ahmad had the following to say:

These title names are indeed correct

@Daniel Ahmad – Twitter

Therefore, is it too much of a stretch to infer that Brushie’s prediction list could in fact be correct? If this is the case the vast majority of the E3 2021 event may already be here for all to see.

E3 2021 Event Rumor Could Show All Announcements

For those of you who want to avoid potential spoilers for E3 2021 this year, we will warn you not to read further. However, for those that want to see the rumored upcoming games, check out a few notable predictions from Brushie’s list below.

Bear in mind this is a rumor, and there are even a few titles that we know are making an appearance that isn’t on the list. Starfield for example is one of these games, so it’s likely that this isn’t a comprehensive list. Although a Starfield release window has been revealed by industry insiders.

Xbox Bethesda E3 Showcase
Xbox & Bethesda Showcase: E3 2021

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Okay, so without further ado, here is a list of notable games that could be unveiled at this years E3 2021 event:

  • Atomic Heart
  • Back4Blood
  • Stalker 2
  • Stellaris Console Edition
  • A Tale of Paper
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Mortal Shell Virtuous Cycle
  • Unbound World’s Apart
  • Steelrising
  • I Expect You To Die 2
  • A Plague Tale Requiem
  • Marvel’s Avengers
  • Diablo 2 R
  • Age of Empires 4
  • Forza 5
  • Grounded
  • Senua Hellblade 2
  • Outer Worlds 2
  • The Forgotten City
  • Psychonauts 2
  • Rainbow 6 Extraction
  • Rocksmith +
  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

So, what do you make of the list? Obviously, there are likely to be other surprises in store, but we’ve tried to narrow it down to the most exciting announcements. There are some rather specific mentions in the list, however, such as Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

E3 2021 Event Details Surface

Although very recently a major Nintendo E3 2021 games leak appeared, which may have unveiled other games coming too.

How to Watch Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct & Nintendo Treehouse Live
Nintendo E3 2021 – Games Showcase

Furthermore, E3 2021 has also recently announced a number of surprises, including celebrity guests, streamer partners & more. You may want to check out what other exciting surprises E3 2021 will have for fans this year.

There have already been a few gaming announcements prior to E3 2021 too. If you haven’t done so already, check out the Battlefield 2042 trailer. If you’re eager to play you’ll definitely want to know how to get access to the Battlefield 2042 open beta.

Similarly, Elden Ring has a brand new gameplay trailer. The new game from From Software is sure to keep players entertained once it releases. However, new and crazy details have already surfaced regarding the upcoming game.

It’s also worth mentioning that Brushie’s list includes a number of smaller games which does lend credibility to his claims. For the full prediction list, you can take a look at the Reddit post here.

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