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E3 2021 Announces Celebrity Guests, Streamer Partners & More

A new E3 2021 announcement has announced a load of celebrity appearances, alongside partnerships with popular streamers and the ‘Voices of E3’ panel series.

E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year, and even if the 2021 edition will be online, it’ll still be as good as ever.

While most people are excited for the huge game announcements that E3 will bring, there’s plenty more happening at the event this year too. A new announcement from E3 has revealed a number of celebrity guests as well as other appearances throughout the event.

But first, find out how to watch the E3 2021 livestreams.

E3 2021 Celebrity Guests

E3 2021 Famous Guests

Firstly, E3 2021 will have a number of celebrity appearances. While some have been left to surprise reveals during the event, a number of celebrities have been confirmed to be appearing within segments of the show or on the E3 social media channels.

The confirmed celebrity appearances so far include T-Pain, 100 Thieves and Team Liquid talent, Apex Legends and Destiny 2 voice actor Erika Ishii, and Arin Hanson from Game Grumps.

Don’t be surprised if the huge Microsoft & Bethesda joint E3 presentation features some surprise famous faces too. A leak has already revealed the games Microsoft and Bethesda will be showcasing too.

Xbox Bethesda E3 Showcase

Voices of E3 Panel

As well as celebrity guests, E3 2021 will also have a number of panels from industry experts. The ‘Voices of E3’ panel series will cover a broad range of gaming-related topics including development, voice acting, and accessibility.

Panels will feature notable members of the games media, owners of esports organizations, streaming experts, and a legendary women of voice acting panel.

Also, find out the date and time for Nintendo’s huge E3 direct. Let’s hope that this amazing Nintendo E3 lineup leak is true.

e3 2021

E3 Partnered Streamers

Finally, gamers across the world will also be able to watch E3 2021 with one of their favorite content creators. Plenty of popular streamers will co-stream E3 on their channels too.

These streamers include Lirik, AnneMunition, CohhCarnage, Jordan Fisher, NoahJ, and more. So be sure to visit their channels during E3 2021 to watch the announcements happen live.

Check out the E3 2021 website for more details ad a full list of all the celebrities, streamers, and industry experts appearing during the event.

Meanwhile, loads more game developers have been confirmed for E3 too. There will definitely be plenty of announcements coming.

Finally, som huge gaming announcements could be coming before E3. A huge leak has possibly revealed more about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro release date.

Plus, the Battlefield 6 reveal is happening in the next few days too. It’s going to be a huge month for gaming announcements!

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