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Remove Dragon’s Breath Shotguns From Warzone, Calls NICKMERCS

After being a big part of the Warzone meta for months, it’s time to remove the R9-0 Dragon’s Breath, claims NICKMERCS.

Those who play a lot of Warzone will know just how big an issue the R9-0 shotgun can be. Ever since players discovered how overpowered the weapon is with the Dragon’s Breath rounds, the game has changed for the worse.

Now, it’s hard to fight an enemy at close range with anything other than the incendiary weapon. The gun will set you on fire and burn through your health faster than anything else in the game.

NICKMERCS Wants Dragon's Breath Shotguns Removed

And that’s why NICKMERCS believes that Activision needs to remove Dragon’s Breath from Warzone altogether.

When talking about the incoming Cold War weaponry and what it means for Warzone’s existing guns, NICKMERCS had this to say:

“It can’t just be an R9 nerf, they nerf the R9, everybody goes back to the Origin…” NICKMERCS claims. “It needs to be a Dragon Breath nerf.”

NICKMERCS Wants the R9-0 Dragon’s Breath Nerfed

The Call of Duty streamer calls on Activision to remove Dragon’s Breath from the game entirely. Stating that shotguns are powerful enough already, NICKMERCS rightfully suggests that the Dragon’s Breath addition is overpowered.

The content creator also informs viewers that he believes the shotgun will get a nerf in the Cold War Season 1 update. When the new Cold War Warzone map arrives, there will hopefully be fewer players running around with a Dragon’s Breath weapon.

Dragon's Breath Shotgun Overpowered Loadout
(Source: CharlieIntel)

However, there may be a few people taking advantage of Warzone’s new Sledgehammer and Wakizashi instead. It’s hard to know just how well the new Cold War-era weaponry will be balanced in the battle royale.

Interestingly, it was NICKMERCS’ own video on the Dragon’s Breath rounds that helped the weapon achieve such notoriety. With over 1.1 million views on his original Dragon’s Breath shotgun guide, the streamer takes some responsibility for the fire-infused meta.

“I partly feel a little responsible, but at the same time, I thought they’d have a nerf by now! So my bad, kinda, but then again… y’know, this one’s on them, not me. Nah.”

With the game’s first new map and two new Gulags coming to Warzone, we’d be happy to see the Dragon’s Breath rounds removed too. Despite the overpowered weaponry being fun to use, it’s nasty to come up against.

Let’s just hope that the new Black Ops Cold War Season 1 weapons don’t turn out to be equally as broken.

Check out NICKMERCS’ newest video saying goodbye to the R-90 here.

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