It’s official – Dragon Ball is getting its third Fortnite crossover, this time bringing iconic villains Cell and Frieza to the Battle Royale.

For the first time ever, an anime collaboration with Fortnite is getting its third set of skins – and these might be the best ones yet.

After the likes of Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus dropped in the first collab, and Gohan and Piccolo arrived in the second, we now have two of Dragon Ball’s most iconic villains arriving in-game.

Cell and Frieza Skins Arrive

Frieza and Cell are both available on Fortnite now! Release date, pricing, and content sections of the article have been updated. Original story follows, with all details mentioned in the leaks confirmed true.

Although Epic Games is yet to announce their arrival, dataminers have already found two new Dragon Ball Outfits inside Fortnite: Cell and Frieza!

Both Cell and Frieza even come with multiple variants to choose between.

Cell appears in both his first form and his Perfect Cell form, whereas Frieza fans can choose between first, fourth, and even Golden Frieza variants.

These were all shown off in the video footage provided by NotPaloleaks below.

Release Date & Price

As per previous information from reliable leaker HYPEX, the Frieza and Cell skins arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop on December 26, 2023!

In terms of price, each skin costs 1500 V-Bucks to purchase, with the skin bundle going for 2300 V-Bucks.

There’s also a Frieza and Cell Gear Bundle, which includes three different cosmetics (two for your pickaxe and one for your glider) for 1600 V-Bucks.

Frieza and Cell Fortnite Shop Skins

Bundle Contents

Here are all the items that will appear in the new Frieza & Cell bundle for 2300 V-Bucks:

  • Cell (Outfit) w/ 1 variant
  • Frieza (Outfit) w/ 2 variants
  • Cell’s Shell (Back Bling)
  • Frieza’s Pod (Back Bling)
Frieza and Cell Bundle Fortnite Shop

These are the cosmetics included in the Frieza and Cell Gear Bundle for 1600 V-Bucks:

  • Frieza’s Spaceship Staff (Pickaxe)
  • Cell’s Egg Shell (Pickaxe)
  • Frieza’s Spaceship (Glider)
Frieza and Cell Gear Bundle Fortnite Shop

You can see all the new Winterfest items in this new upload by leaker Shiina on YouTube:

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