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Dr Disrespect Calls Out Activision and Twitch Over Warzone Tournament Cheating

Professional streamer Dr Disrespect is calling out Activision and Twitch over recent cheating accusations in a major Warzone tournament.

The Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl tournament is one of the biggest Warzone events in recent memory. With $250,000 up for grabs, the competition certainly attracted some big names.

Users such as Huskerrs, the player who recently smashed the Solo Duos world record in Warzone, and many more were in attendance. But of course, many smaller streamers and fans were also present for the competition.

Dr Disrespect calls out Warzone tournament over cheating allegations.
(Source: Dr Disrespect)

However controversy soon arose, moments before the final round of the competition. Streamer ‘Metzy_B’ saw cheating accusations fly his way, leading to a disqualification for the player and his team.

Now, Dr Disrespect is calling out Activision and Twitch over the Warzone cheating scandal.

Dr Disrespect Isn’t a Fan of the Warzone Twitch Rivals Tournament

As the two-time gives his two cents on the situation, it’s clear that Dr Disrespect isn’t a fan of the Warzone tournament’s setup. Since Activision is yet to implement an anti-cheat into Warzone or Black Ops Cold War, labeling someone a cheater is a difficult process.

In fact, despite some suspicious clips from the tournament, Twitch Rivals is yet to release any evidence that Metzy_B was cheating.

“You have to define a process in… in finding out whether he is or not,” states Dr Disrespect. “Like, right there – right then and there.”

And this applies to more than just Activision too. Dr Disrespect believes that the burden should fall on the tournament organizers themselves, in situations like this.

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As it stands, there’s no concrete proof that the user was cheating when they lost the chance at $250,000. However, there are some suspicious clips that are attracting the accusations.

However, it’s worth pointing out that one of Metzy_B’s biggest accusers is not sure whether the Warzone player cheated after all.

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Labeling the tournament organizers as the ‘purple snakes’, Dr Disrespect is clearly not a fan of the way that things are being handled. Of course, the streamer has never been happy where Twitch is concerned, after being banned from the platform.

Still to this day, we don’t know the real reason that Dr Disrespect got a Twitch ban, and the streamer claims to not know it either.

Given that competitive Warzone is coming to the Call of Duty League soon, Activision would do well to listen to the Doc on these matters. The competition badly needs a form of anti-cheat, much like Warzone in general needs one.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Warzone player cheat in tournament play. And ever since the CDL switched to PC, there’s been a lot of hackers entering professional Call of Duty tournaments.

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