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Dr Disrespect Killed by a Cheater in Warzone Goes Off on the New Anti-Cheat

Cheating has been a big issue in Warzone, and Dr Disrespect isn’t impressed by the new anti-cheat, claiming players were lied to.

It’s not surprising that cheaters are present in a free-to-play shooter game. Ever since Warzone’s release, Activision has been on the hunt to contain the cheater situation.

With the global release of the new RICOCHET anti-cheat, fans had high hopes of never stumbling across a hacker again. But Warzone hackers are ruining Caldera lobbies even in 2022.

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect was on the receiving end this time, and his opinions seem to resonate with the Call of Duty community.

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dr disrespect rage over warzone cheaters hackers

Dr Disrespect Gunned Down by a Cheater, Says RICOCHET Sucks

Warzone players have been reporting cheaters spike despite RICOCHET being active. But it’s never a good look for a game when its cheater problems come out shining in a live stream, with “millions in the arena settling in.”

In a Reddit post showing a recent clip from Dr Disrespect’s YouTube live stream, the Two-Time gets beamed out while still in the air and trying to land in a safe spot.

Upon getting shot, Doc immediately realized what would happen and saw the cheater landing every shot on him in the killcam. Shortly after, Dr Disrespect shared his opinions on the latest anti-cheat in Warzone.

“RICOCHET, they lied to us. RICOCHET f***ing sucks. Like, get rid of the company, it’s not working. Let’s work with a solution right now. You’re going to have to figure out something for this engine. It ain’t working,” said Dr Disrespect.

He further said that Activision didn’t build any anti-cheat for the game and put together a team called “RICOCHET,” which manually bans players.

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dr disrespect killed by hacker in warzone

Many in the community attribute the recent spike in cheaters to EngineOwning returning with an update to their cheats. However, Activision is already making moves to shut down EngineOwning once and for all.

In other news, Warzone Pacific players are still complaining about audio issues in Caldera. Spatial awareness is a significant aspect of FPS games, and maybe it is time to fix these issues altogether.

Finally, it looks like Dr Disrespect is a true variety streamer. Dr Disrespect was also suggesting changes to Halo Infinite, although the community wasn’t fond of them at all.

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