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Dr Disrespect Wants Warzone to “Evolve” in Season 2

Dr Disrespect says he wants Warzone to “evolve” in Season 2 and predicts that a new map is coming.

Warzone is one of the most popular games in the world at the moment. However, players are starting to get bored with the game’s only map Verdansk.

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has now weighed in with his predictions for Warzone Season 2 and he believes that a new map is on the way. However, he wants Warzone to evolve beyond just a new map.

Warzone Plunder

Dr Disrespect Predicts New Map in Season 2

In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect talked to his chat about what he expects to see in Warzone Season 2. Firstly, he thinks that a new map is on the way.

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding a new Warzone map set in the Ural Mountains, previously. Therefore, it’s not a big surprise that Dr Disrespect thinks that a new Warzone map is coming soon.

However, nothing about the new Warzone Season 2 trailer has hinted at a new map just yet.

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Dr Disrespect also thinks that a new map might not be enough to keep Warzone players interested for a long time. Although he said that he would “take anything at this point”.

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Dr Disrespect Wants Warzone to “Evolve”

However, Dr Disrespect revealed that he wants to see Warzone “evolve” too.

He said: “But you would think, at this point, how evolved is the new content? You’d feel like it would be much more evolved and bigger and that change would be much more impactful.”

He cites the world-building Treyarch has done in the Fire Team Dirty Bomb maps as something that Warzone could harness in the future. This Fire Team Dirty Bomb glitch may have also revealed the new Warzone map.

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However, the “impactful” change Dr Disrespect wants could come in the form of zombies appearing in Warzone. Players have recently found a Zombies Trial Station in Verdansk.

Meanwhile, Treyarch has accidentally confirmed a new Zombies mode called Outbreak. This is potentially an open-world zombies mode, according to this leak.

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