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Dr Disrespect Weighs in on the “Warzone Hacking Crisis”

Dr Disrespect is yet another Warzone pro who’s weighing in on the game’s hacking crisis – with a rather unique take on things.

It’s no secret that Warzone’s got a problem with hackers right now. And if it’s affecting so many fans, it’s certainly worse for streamers.

For those who play the game for hours each day, Warzone’s hacking issues are much more severe. And several major streamers aren’t opposed to voicing their opinions.

Dr Disrespect Warzone Hacker Problem
(Source: Dr Disrespect)

Recently, one Warzone streamer went on a rant against Activision and the battle royale’s lack of anti-cheat. However, now that same Warzone streamer may face consequences for his actions.

Despite this fact, Dr Disrespect is bravely stepping up to weigh in on what he calls the “Warzone hacking crisis.”

Dr Disrespect Is Solving the Warzone Hacker Problem

In a new video, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect claims to have solved the Warzone hacking crisis. However, his methods of doing so are quite unorthodox, to say the least.

After playing a few rounds of Warzone live on stream, the two-time back-to-back champion takes some questions from fans. One viewer donates to Super Chat to ask about the Doc’s opinion on Warzone hackers.

Little did they know that Dr Disrespect’s answer would solve everything.

“Hey Doc, how long do you think it will take – really take for them to incorporate an anti-cheat program or software or company, third-person, third-party, third-person-” Dr Disrespect starts off, reading the message.

From here though, things get a little weird, as the Doc begins to speak in tongues, building to a beautiful dance party break.

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As the video title states, it seems that Dr Disrespect aims to solve the Warzone hacking crisis through the power of dance. Thankfully, we know the real steps to take to remove Warzone cheaters from your lobby.

Obviously, this is just a bit of fun, but hacking is a real issue in Warzone right now. Whether Doc is just avoiding being the next streamer to say something controversial or he doesn’t want to weigh in officially yet is unknown.

Recently, the addition of a new Warzone cheat software allows users to unlock everything instantly.

And despite Activision promising to fix Warzone’s hacking problem again, the battle royale still desperately needs anti-cheat software. Sadly, we don’t think Dr Disrespect’s dance moves will be enough this time.

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