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Dr Disrespect Is Ready to Retire Over Warzone Aim Assist

Warzone pro Dr Disrespect is ready to retire over the battle royale’s powerful aim assist.

It feels we’re just waiting for a new release right now, with so many complaints surrounding Call of Duty: Warzone but nobody jumping ship. With Halo, Battlefield 2042, XDefiant, and more just around the corner, options are about to arrive.

But for now, all streamers like Dr Disrespect can do is complain, uninstall Warzone live on stream, and boot it up again the next day. That said, NICKMERCS claims to be quitting Warzone battle royale, due to the game’s ongoing issues.

(Source: Activision)

Now, even Dr Disrespect is ready to retire, after his latest run-in with Warzone’s powerful aim assist. For those unaware, aim assist is one of the biggest advantages of playing on a controller over a keyboard and mouse.

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Is Warzone Aim Assist Overpowered?

Aim assist is a powerful tool that helps players aim at enemies when using controllers – but is the feature overpowered?

In a new stream, Dr Disrespect was taking place in the Cracked Creator Warzone tournament, alongside other pro players. Although his team was performing decently, the two-time himself ran into some major issues early on.

Following an enemy into a building, Doc throws a Semtex up the stairs and gets a hitmarker. However, when racing up the staircase, the streamer immediately gets beamed by the enemy who was lying in wait for him.

dr disrespect
(Source: Dr Disrespect)

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Claiming that the enemy player took huge advantage of Warzone’s aim assist, Dr Disrespect went on a passionate rant against the feature.

“It’s so f*cking crazy how aim assist is just training wheels for this game,” Doc states. “This dude’s so confident, he’s just laying in there just waiting after getting ‘naded just waiting right? He just knows that aim assist is just gonna f*cking just absolutely lock-on and do everything that he wants for him.”

It’s been clear for some time now that Dr Disrespect is at the end of his rope with Warzone. The streamer has even been known to uninstall Activision’s battle royale a number of times.

Dr Disrespect Wants to Retire From Warzone

It seems this latest interaction may have pushed Doc over the edge. After all, a player with the best Warzone aim assist settings does have a significant advantage in close-quarters situations.

“Oh man, I’m so over this f*cking game,” Dr Disrespect confirms. “This game makes me wanna retire, man. It does.”

Just today, NICKMERCS spoke out about 4 major changes that Warzone needs to be good again.

And with Warzone players quitting due to major cheater issues, we hope Activision starts with an anti-cheat. Although streamers like Dr Disrespect might get easier lobbies with no SBMM, aim assist will always be present.

And if you’re ready to finish off your season without playing too much longer, we’ve got a deal for you. Warzone players can now get 30 free Battle Pass Tier Skips in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.

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Sunday 1st of August 2021

Imagine having a $10,000 PC and whining about aim assist. This dude is a fraud anyway. 2 time nothing.

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