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Dr Disrespect Has An Idea to Improve the Warzone Gulag

The new Warzone Gulag is an exciting, if controversial, addition to the battle royale. Now, streamer Dr Disrespect thinks he knows just how to improve the Warzone Gulag experience.

With the addition of Cold War’s Rebirth Island new Warzone map, the popular battle royale also gained a brand new Gulag experience. More specifically, it actually gained two.

The two new Warzone Gulags replace the standard shower 1v1, turning Verdansk’s underground arena into a Nuketown clone. The second Gulag is a brand-new experience, exclusive to Rebirth Island.

But no matter what Gulag you’re entering, it’s hard not to miss the way things used to be. The original Warzone Gulag was a perfect arena, full of strategy and balance.

Dr Disrespect Fix Warzone Gulag
(Source: Activision)

Now, players have issues with the way things are changing. Even Dr Disrespect is weighing in, with an opinion that may improve the Warzone Gulag for good.

Warzone Players Hate the New Gulag

This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone, but it seems a vocal percentage of the Warzone community dislikes the new Gulag experience. Change is never popular, especially in Call of Duty games, but some users make some good arguments for why the new area is worse.

Due to the spawns being slightly different in the new Verdansk Gulag, one player can use a nearby freestanding wooden wall to their advantage. They can also hide behind the car for one of Warzone’s easiest head glitches.

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Warzone's New Nuketown Gulag
(Source: Activision)

Over the last few days, several posts on the Warzone subreddit have been asking the developers to put the Gulag back to the way it used to be. While some users like the new well-lit design, others dislike the uneven aspects of the arena.

Some even liken the new 1v1 to a 60:40 chance of winning, depending on whether you spawn nearest the car or not. But Dr Disrespect has a fix for us.

Dr Disrespect’s Idea to Fix the Warzone Gulag

It seems that Dr Disrespect isn’t happy with Warzone at the moment. After playing a few rounds, the notorious streamer tweeted out that the current state of the game is the “worst Warzone meta to date.”

This is likely in reference to the new overpowered DMR 14 that’s ruining Warzone. Thankfully, it appears that both the DMR and another Warzone weapon will be getting a nerf very soon.

However, the YouTube streamer has a brilliant idea for a fix that would make Warzone more bearable right now. In a recent YouTube stream, Dr Disrespect came up with the following idea for changes to the Warzone Gulag.

“I have a multi-million dollar idea that just came to my head, right now, in real-time,” Dr Disrespect began. “The ability to buy another Gulag for yourself – costs you $20K.”

If this was implemented into the game, players could buy themselves a second chance at a Gulag in advance. However, the opportunity would not come cheap.

It would, however, allow streamers who had racked up enough kills to continue with their rampage, even if they were unlucky enough to spawn at the wrong side of the Gulag.

It’s an intriguing concept and we hope the Warzone Gulag continues to change with feedback. However, the state of the battle royale in general needs a few fixes first.

Recently, players are discovering that one new gun can actually outperform Warzone’s DMR 14. Perhaps the meta will adapt on its own before the nerfs even begin to drop.

Given the fact that Warzone didn’t even get a snow map this year, Raven Software is likely devoting all its efforts to fixing the Cold War content. After several major bugs already raised their heads since the merge, it’s no surprise that Modern Warfare fans are angry at Cold War.

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