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Why Dr Disrespect Hates “Trash” Warzone Footstep Audio

Dr Disrespect rages at Warzone’s footstep audio after losing on stream.

The last thing Warzone needs at the moment is even more content creators slamming the game, but Dr Disrespect is not happy with the game’s audio.

This comes soon after NICKMERCS has had to address cheating allegations.

Warzone is in a bad place at the moment as many players are frustrated with the game. Issues like the infinite stim glitch are ruining Warzone for players.

However, Dr Disrespect has voiced his opinion on an ongoing problem with Warzone – the footstep audio.

Warzone’s Footstep Audio Problems

In a recent YouTube stream, Dr Disrespect complained about the audio quality in Warzone and blamed it for his death.

Dr Disresepct heard footsteps but was sure that they were very far away so continued firing at another player. All of a sudden, he was dead as a player had sprinted up behind him and shot him in the back.

After watching the killcam, he slammed Warzone’s footstep audio. He said the player sounded like “he was 100 foot away, inside of a warehouse” rather than running up behind him.

Footstep audio is hugely important in Battle Royale games as being ambushed almost always leads to death. The best way to hear someone coming is by listening out to footsteps.

Dr Disrespect then compared Warzone’s audio very unfavourably to another popular multiplayer shooter, Escape From Tarkov. He said Tarkov’s “perfect” audio blows Warzone’s away and even claims it is 500% better.

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Watch the video below to see whether you think Dr Disrespect’s assessment of Warzone’s footstep audio.

Dr Disrespect YouTube

Warzone players are also not happy with the number of exploits players have been using. This heroic Warzone player tracked down and killed a stim glitcher in the gas.

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If you prefer some fun gameplay instead of focusing on Warzone’s audio then look no further. This Warzone player is using a recorder to kill players in the Gulag.

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