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Dr Disrespect Calls Warzone ‘Garbage’ and Uninstalls After Activision Rant

Dr Disrespect is uninstalling Warzone after going off on a rant against Activision in which he calls the battle royale “garbage.”

It should be no surprise to anyone to hear that Dr Disrespect is mad at Warzone again. After all, the YouTube streamer isn’t known for his happy-go-lucky mannerisms.

Lately, Doc has had a passion for playing Warzone Solos, and it has led to some interesting insights into the battle royale. After Dr Disrespect claimed that he wanted Warzone to evolve in Season 2, players were left disappointed when this wasn’t the case.

(Source: Activision)

In fact, Warzone Season 2 is actually unplayable for many fans, due to an incredible number of issues. And now, as we head into Season 2 Reloaded, it seems that things aren’t changing fast enough.

Is Dr Disrespect Done With Warzone?

In a new stream Dr Disrespect claims to be done with Warzone, calling the game “garbage” and uninstalling it from his hard drive.

After a particularly heated round of Warzone Solos, Dr Disrespect could no longer deal with Activision’s battle royale. In the past, Dr Disrespect has weighed in on how to improve Warzone but it now seems like he’s sick of the game completely.

“F*cking game is so garbage,” claims the Two-Time. “So f*cking terrible… the reason why I hate it is because they’re not address- they’re not making any changes.”

This isn’t the first time that Dr Disrespect has called out Activision directly. In fact, the streamer has always been very open about his feelings, regardless of public opinion.

Dr Disrespect
(Source: Dr Disrespect)

But this time, it seems that the Warzone community is on his side. After all, here’s a fan-made list of everything wrong with Warzone in Season 2.

“Perfect example of what not to do, with a very successful game. Perfect example. All’s you gotta do is do something.”

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After a few more games of the battle royale, Doc can stand it no longer. And after declaring Warzone “garbage”, Dr Disrespect uninstalls the game completely, in favor of playing Riot Games’ Valorant.

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Of course, we don’t imagine that this is the last time we’ll see Dr Disrespect on Warzone, even despite the uninstall. But it looks like Battlefield 6’s battle royale is already drawing some attention, even before its unveiling.

Declaring that Warzone needs more than just a new map next month, Dr Disrespect is clearly placing his bets on Battlefield. Now that Battlefield 6’s release date is leaking online, it’s not long until we see the battle royale for ourselves.

But at least when Dr Disrespect reinstalls Activision’s game, there’s a major Warzone file size reduction to make it easier on the hard drive.

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