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Dr Disrespect Calls Out New York Times Over ‘Scam’ Book Bestseller List

Dr Disrespect has a new book out, and he’s not happy with the reception on the New York Times bestseller list.

In case you missed it, YouTube streamer and internet personality Dr Disrespect has a book out. The Two-Time back-to-back champion himself has put pen to paper in ‘Violence. Speed. Momentum.’

And now, it seems that the success of the Doc’s latest release is going underappreciated, despite undoubtedly huge sales. After weeks of promotion to his millions of viewers, Dr Disrespect’s book was headed for the New York Times bestseller list… or so he thought.

dr disrespect book
(Source: Dr Disrespect)

But as it turns out, the sales weren’t enough to make the charts this time around. But Dr Disrespect believes that he’s been scammed out of victory.

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Dr Disrespect Vs New York Times Best Seller List

After hyping up the New York Times bestseller list placement only hours ago, Dr Disrespect met with disappointment when his book didn’t place.

But according to the Doc, there’s a scam afoot. After all, his sales should have been sufficient to earn one of the top spots.

“Hey @nytimes, a book that made Top 15 on your new bestseller list sold under 5k copies,” Dr Disrespect tweeted out. “We sold more than that first day of announcing and we didn’t even make the list? You’re a fucking scam.”

dr disrespect

Allegedly, Dr Disrespect’s new book ‘Violence. Speed. Momentum.’ actually surpassed these figures in a big way. In fact, Disrespect believes that his total placement should be top 3 in the New York Times bestsellers chart.

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Of course, the New York Times bestseller list, as with most bestseller lists, is known to be an editorial product. For this reason, the brand doesn’t need to actually take into account total global sales, and only needs to be reflective of sales at particular bookstores and online retailers.

Dr Disrespect has also hit out against Activision in the past, and he’s clearly not above calling a brand out. We doubt the New York Times will grace the entertainer with a response, however.

And while the Doc throwing around insults isn’t uncommon, it doesn’t often lead to results. Just look at all the times Dr Disrespect has offered Warzone some much-needed insight.

Recently, we saw Dr Disrespect call Warzone ‘garbage’ as he uninstalled the game for good. Or at least, until the very next stream.

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