Players are wondering whether their hard-earned Double XP tokens will carry over from MW2 and MW3 to Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

Double XP can be particularly handy when a new COD game launches.

After all, players will need to reach the maximum level in order to unlock all of the title’s new guns, and each weapon requires a significant grind to unlock the perfect attachments.

If you’re looking to get your ideal loadout ready in a hurry, Double XP is a must. But will your collection of tokens make the jump to Treyarch’s new release?

Will Double XP Tokens Carry Forward?

The likely answer is no, your Double XP tokens will not carry over from MW2/MW3 to Black Ops 6.

Although Activision has not yet officially confirmed this will be the case, the company’s track record makes us certain that Double XP tokens won’t be transferred to the new game.

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We’ve got our reasoning for you below, along with a possible workaround that could help us save your horde of Double XP!

Activision’s Track Record

Call of Duty games have not previously allowed Double XP tokens to be used in a different game, with a couple of notable exceptions.

In the case of Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and Modern Warfare 3 (2023), Activision implemented a never-before-seen Carry Forward system, which allowed players to use their MW2 cosmetics in the newer game.

This also included Double XP tokens, allowing MW2 Double XP to be used in MW3.

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However, this is likely a one-off case, made possible by the fact that Modern Warfare 3 allegedly began as a DLC for Infinity Ward’s MW2.

Activision isn’t bringing Carry Forward back in Black Ops 6, and therefore, we don’t expect Double XP to carry over.

Warzone Might Save the Day

The other exception to the Double XP rule is Warzone, Call of Duty’s Battle Royale, which remains active no matter what premium title is currently in the spotlight.

By booting up the Warzone lobby screen, players can often find their Double XP tokens from older titles since 2XP of all kinds is usable in the Battle Royale.

Therefore, you should be able to use your MW3 Double XP in Warzone, even when leveling up the new Black Ops 6 weapons. And since progression across all Call of Duty modes is shared, you’ll also be able to level up your account.

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It’s possible that you’ll be able to activate your Double XP tokens in Warzone and then hop into Black Ops 6 multiplayer to get access to your XP boost in standard matchmaking.

It’s even possible that players will be able to activate Double XP in MW3 multiplayer, then move into Black Ops 6 and find that the token is still active! This was possible in Cold War and Vanguard, after all.

However, we can’t confirm whether either of these methods will work until Activision announces it or release day rolls around.

The good news is that your COD Points should transfer to Black Ops 6 on launch day – but there are some restrictions!

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