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Double Barrel Shotgun & Akimbo Nerf in Warzone Pacific Update – January 7

Gamers clamored for a nerf to the Double Barrel Shotgun’s Akimbo perk, and this petition has been addressed in the latest Warzone Pacific update.

Warzone Pacific has introduced a complete revamp to the Warzone formula. Since the game was released, gamers have had mixed feelings about these changes.

One of the main issues in Caldera is its weapons. As many weapons have changed and entirely new ones are added, weapon unbalances have become evident.

One of the biggest gripes when it comes to weapons is how overpowered the Double Barrel Shotgun Akimbo is. Raven Software previously addressed this and confirmed a nerf was in the works.

After a brief wait, the update has finally rolled out.


Warzone Pacific Double Barrel Shotguns Akimbo Nerf

Today, Raven Software rolled out a Warzone Pacific update that nerfed the Double Barrel Shotgun’s Sawed-Off barrel and its Akimbo perk.

Gamers complained about the long-range that the Double Barrel Shotguns achieved with the Akimbo perk. To address this problem, Raven Software nerfed the barrel and perk of this weapon altogether.

In general, these are the nerfs and buffs the Double Barrel Shotgun received in the January 7th Warzone Pacific update.

Double Barrel Shotgun Nerfs & Buffs

  • Sawed-Off Barrel Nerf
    • Move Speed decreased from 1.04 to 1.03
  • Akimbo Perk Nerf
    • Damage Multiplier decreased from 1 to 0.55
    • Move Speed decrease from 1 to 0.985
    • Hip Spread increase from 1.28 to 1.32
  • Akimbo Perk Buff
    • Damage Range Multiplier increased from 0.6 to 1

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it seems like the Double Barrel Shotguns are still broken in Warzone Pacific!

When running the best Akimbo Shotgun class in Warzone, players are still able to one-shot enemies at ridiculous range.

Overall, these changes aim to cut the range of effectiveness this gun previously had. Hopefully, this will end players’ issues with the Double Barrel Shotguns Akimbo in Warzone Pacific.

Raven Software also talked about its weapon balancing philosophy. According to the developer, the ultimate goal is to achieve weapon diversity.

Furthermore, the developer expressed that to achieve this, some nerfs will roll out soon for the Light Machine Gun Charlie and the Submachine Gun Charlie.

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In addition to the need for this Double Barrel Shotgun Akimbo nerf, players have also pointed out planes are a bit overkill in Warzone Pacific.

Recently, a gamer celebrated an easy Battle royale victory by simply using a plane.

For this reason, gamers are also expecting a plane nerf.

Lastly, some gamers are also experiencing issues with the gas mask animations even after recent changes.

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