When you’re almost done making your shelter in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need a door to keep those enemies at bay. But making a door in the new survival game is a little more complex than you would think.

To make a door in Sons of the Forest, players need to stack up 7 logs to make a wall. Then, using the axe, cut out a section in the middle of the wooden wall.

To fill the gap left, cut 2 logs vertically and place them in the gap you cut to form a door!

Players can find instructions on making a door in their Guide Book, in the Building tab. But for a more simple and easy-to-follow guide, read on.

Here’s how the whole process works, with step-by-step instructions:

First, cut down a tree by swinging your axe at it and pick up the logs that fall to the ground.

How to Cut Trees in Sons of the Forest

Look down, and use R2/RT/Left Click to place a log.

Place further logs on top of the first until you’ve got a stack of at least 7.

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How to Build in Sons of the Forest

Take your axe and approach the log, until you see a red cutout outline appear.

How to Make a Door in Sons of the Forest

Use R2/RT/Left Click to hit the wall with your axe and it’ll cleanly remove a section of the log.

Making a Door in Sons of the Forest

Repeat this step on each log until you’ve formed a doorway.

How to Make a Door Sons of the Forest Guide

Then get two more logs and approach one from either end with your axe. You’ll see another red cutout line, indicating that the log can be cut in two vertically.

How to Split a Log into Planks in Sons of the Forest

Cut both logs vertically, and pick up the planks they form.

Approach the doorway with a plank and you’ll see a white arrow, indicating that the plank can be placed down.

Placing a Door in Sons of the Forest

Place your plank (R2/RT/Left Click) and repeat this process three times to make your door!

You can use the door simply by walking into it – there isn’t a button to set it to open or closed. Unfortunately, these doors cannot be locked so they can only offer so much safety from the outside world.

But since mutants and other animals don’t know how to use doors, it’s important to have one on any potential base.

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