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Doom Slayer Fortnite Skin Release Date Revealed By Leaker

According to recent leaks, the Doom Slayer could be ripping and tearing in Fortnite sooner than you may have thought.

Fortnite never shies away from collaborating with new IPs and franchises. And it seems it was only a matter of time before Doomguy made an appearance in the hit Battle Royale.

Armed with plenty of guns and ammo, and an iconic suit to match, the Doom Slayer landing in Fortnite wouldn’t be the strangest collaboration.

Now a new leak reveals that Doomguy could be arriving fairly soon, with a reliable leaker offering a release date for the character.

UPDATE: Doom Slayer is now CONFIRMED coming to Fortnite, most likely in Chapter 4 Season 1!

Doom Slayer Fortnite Skin Release Date Revealed By Leaker

When Is Doomguy Coming to Fortnite?

Doom Slayer is almost certainly coming to Fortnite in Chapter 4, seeing as the iconic character made his debut in the Fracture event.

An exact release date is not yet known, but we expect Doomguy to release in Chapter 4 Season 1, alongside Hulk, and Geralt from The Witcher.

Doom Slayer in Fortnite

Reliable leaker MidaRado also previously hinted at the iconic video game character’s appearance in the Battle Royale.

The original article continues below:

MidaRado shared three supposedly upcoming franchises, one of which was Doom. They also said in their tweet that the “next collaboration is coming next week, can you guess which one?”

HYPEX, who’s also known as a Fortnite leaker, mentioned that Doom 64 is set to be available for free on Epic Games Store next week.

While it may be a leak, having Doom 64 become free next week on the store is good evidence of a collaboration happening soon. And with MidaRado’s track record, it points toward a release of Doomguy in Fortnite’s Item Shop.

Family Guy was also mentioned by MidaRado, alongside “Herr der Ringe”, the German translation for Lord of the Rings. We aren’t sure when, or if, these collaborations will come.

Of course, we recommend you take this with a pinch of salt. No matter how reliable a leaker is, there’s always a chance that this could be incorrect.

While you may have to wait longer for Doomguy to arrive, another collaboration is happening, with Dragon Ball offering free rewards in Fortnite.

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