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Don’t Buy Pumpkin Boxes in Pokemon Unite – Here’s Why

If you’re playing the Pokemon Unite Halloween event, don’t buy the Pumpkin Boxes!

We just got a major update for Pokemon Unite and the Halloween event is a nice change of pace for the newest MOBA on the scene.

However, the new update isn’t without its fair share of issues. And it seems that even the new rewards aren’t sitting well with Pokemon fans.

Players can earn new Pokemon Greedent for free in Pokemon Unite right now!

Pokemon Unite Greedent

And it seems that Greedent is incredibly overpowered with a moveset doing around 4000 DPS. Enjoy it fast before the Pokemon receives a much-needed nerf!

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Pokemon Unite Players Call Pumpkin Boxes a Scam

Right now, Pumpkin Boxes offer Pokemon Unite players the chance to get more Halloween currency in-game. But players aren’t happy with the system’s drop rate.

In the ongoing Pokemon Unite event, there are currently only a few ways to earn Pumpkins to spend on the new Halloween goodies.

Completing the in-game challenges will reward you with a certain amount of Pumpkins, but you can always gamble to earn more. Buying a Pumpkin Box gives you a chance to earn more Pumpkins instantly, and each box only costs 2 Pumpkins to purchase.

However, players are quick to point out that Pumpkin Boxes seem like a scam in Pokemon Unite so far.

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Pokemon Unite Players Call Pumpkin Boxes a Scam

According to probabilities found on Serebii, the Pumpkin Box drop rates are truly ridiculous. As we can see in the table below, there’s a 94% chance that you’ll earn back only 1-2 Pumpkins when buying one!

It’s unclear whether or not we’ll get a chance to earn more Pumpkins as the event goes on. But it seems there are currently a total of 96 Pumpkins up for grabs in-game, so don’t waste them on loot boxes.

Meanwhile, the new update is nerfing Zapdos and Drednaw in Pokemon Unite! This huge meta-change is sure to spice up the MOBA in the coming weeks.

And we know which Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Unite next – though we doubt they could be more powerful than Greedent is right now. Expect a big nerf coming before too long.

Finally, check out the new Pokemon Unite Tier List for the Halloween update here! How does your main stack up?

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