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Don’t Buy PlayStation Plus on Sale Before Extra & Premium Tiers Launch

We’re here to give you a PSA on why you shouldn’t buy PlayStation Plus on sale right now, especially if you plan to upgrade to Extra or Premium soon.

The latest sale has arrived for PlayStation, Days of Play, bringing some of the best deals for PlayStation players.

However, before you decide to buy any PlayStation Plus deals that you may find, you’ll want to keep your wallet shut.

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy PlayStation Plus right now if you find it on sale.

You Shouldn’t Get PS Plus on Discount if You’re Planning to Buy Extra or Premium

Those who are looking to get a bargain and upgrade to future PlayStation Plus tiers cheaper should probably hold off.

The latest tiers of PlayStation Plus, called Extra and Premium, were released in Asia this week. However, players who wished to upgrade their subscription were charged more if they had bought Plus at a discounted price.

New PlayStation Plus

This includes anyone who decided to stack their subscriptions before the option was controversially disabled by PlayStation earlier this month.

Even worse though is the fact that players who redeemed a code for PlayStation Plus must pay extra too. Even if you paid full price for the redemption code.

This comes from an e-mail from PlayStation Support in Hong Kong. The e-mail confirms that players who buy a PS Plus subscription on sale or via a redemption code may pay an upgrade fee.

The e-mail was found on ResetEra, a video gaming forum where people share their thoughts, as well as information they’ve found.

That means if you found PlayStation Plus online for a good price, you’ll have to pay extra compared to other users who would simply upgrade their standard-priced subscription.

Right now, with Days of Play, it seems that PlayStation themselves aren’t selling their subscriptions at a discount. However, that doesn’t mean other retailers won’t sell them for a discounted price.

PS5 Controller

If you’re remaining a PlayStation Plus subscriber, and not upgrading to the new tiers, this won’t affect you. But many players excited to try the list of games joining PlayStation Premium will pay a premium price for sure.

Although, it seems that many are canceling their subscription regardless. Sony recently shared its earnings report, which confirmed that PlayStation Plus subscribers are down due to the new tiers.

It was also confirmed recently that PlayStation 1 classic games on the new tiers will have some incredible features.

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