In The Last of Us show and the game, Tommy is a pivotal character but viewers of the show may wonder if he dies at some point in the story.

For those looking for the answer, in the story of the game, Tommy Miller becomes fatally wounded, struggles to walk, and becomes half-blind but does not die.

If you are hoping to see these scenes in the first season of The Last of Us, you may have to wait quite some time. This is because these events occur in The Last of Us Part II which is expected to be the plot for Season 2 of the show.

However, when this does happen, it will be an incredible scene due to the talented actor who plays Tommy in the show.

And if you didn’t know, the voice actor of Tommy in the game also features in the TV series!

Tommy with Joel, Maria and Ellie The Last of Us
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The rest of this article will contain spoilers about other characters and possible events in The Last of Us TV show.

What Happens to Tommy in The Last of Us Game?

In the game, Joel successfully delivers Ellie to The Fireflies to create a cure. However, after learning they intend to kill her, he rescues the girl and they return to Tommy and Maria’s village.

Upon their return, Joel and Tommy become close again, often patrolling the surrounding areas together.

One night, the pair of brothers rescue a girl from a horde of infected, Abby Anderson. Abby brings the pair back to meet her companions and they offer them refuge in their camp.

After fully introducing themselves to Abby’s group, Joel becomes aware that they know who the Miller siblings are.

Abby confirms this after shooting Joel in the leg. She then takes him to a wall begging him to guess who she is.

It turns out that Abby is the daughter of one of the doctors who wanted to murder Ellie. To prevent this from happening Joel assassinates her father to stop The Fireflies from doing so.

Joel and Tommy the last of us
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Ellie eventually finds Abby torturing Joel with a golf club. However, while trying to help, she becomes restrained by Abby’s team and Joel is killed.

Fuelled by revenge, Tommy vows to hunt and kill the woman who murdered his brother, leaving behind his wife Maria. However, when Tommy finds Abby, he is shot in the leg and then shot in the skull.

This bullet turns out to be non-lethal and instead leaves him blind in one eye as well as reducing his mobility. He returns to his wife but after months of bitterness and guilt, the pair eventually spend some time apart.

Months after leaving Ellie, Tommy seeks her out again and tells her to enact the revenge he once sought. Ellie refuses and Tommy rides away on a horse but Ellie does eventually decide to listen to him.

This is the last we see of Tommy Miller in the game.

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